Feb 7, 2016

The Final Time Trip

Foundations of Eternity
One month ago I challenged Gohrlay to re-write the first chapter of Foundations of Eternity. Today she rather bluntly explained to me that such a re-write would be a major change to the story as I originally told it. And I'm fine with that.

I previously realized that I had mistakenly assumed that Gohrlay was a Neanderthal. Now, Gohrlay has informed me that orbho Anagro was a Nereid Interventionist. This revelation rocked my conceptual understanding of our human origins. I've long assumed that human civilization arose from an error, a mistake that was made by the pek.

However, Gohrlay assures me that the pek are not that incompetent. It was the Nereids (or more likely, the Grendels) who established Observer Base "on" the Moon and who were looking for a way to save we humans from extinction.

Gohrlay on her way to the Galactic Core (source)
According to Gohrlay, Anagro was perfectly willing to destructively scan Gohrlay's brain. Gohrlay would have died, sacrificed to Anagro's little science experiment, but instead, the sentient spaceship, Many Sails, picked up Gohrlay and took her to the Galactic Core.

When Gohrlay told me her version of events, I felt slightly dizzy, but suddenly I knew that I had heard her tale before.

Time: 1981
Gohrlay as XX; 1981
Using time travel technology, Gohrlay visited me briefly in 1981, then she returned to her "proper" place in time. According to Gohrlay, that was the last time travel trip before the Huaoshy made all further time travel impossible.

I now remember a woman who was someone I knew casually in 1981. Strangely, I can't remember her name, so I'll call her XX. For the past 35 years I've always believed that XX died in a car crash in early 1982. However, I now have been allowed to remember that XX once explained to me her real identity and explained the origin of her odd phenotypic features, including strangely smooth skin and nanofibril hair. At the time, she told me that she had just completed a mission that "corrected a problem" in my life, although she could not tell me what she meant.

The Final Time Trip
I now realize that XX was actually Gohrlay in disguise (using nanites to alter her features). Just before she obscured my memories, she told me that I would remember having met her when the time was right. Apparently 2016 was that time.

Gohrlay believes that it is dangerous to reveal the full truth about what happened back in the First Reality. Apparently, allowing the Grendels to interfere with the course of human evolution might have been a violation of Huaoshy ethical rules. And, apparently, during her time in the Galactic Core, Gohrlay learned some of the truth about how the Nereids were allowed to unleash the Grendels on our galaxy.

Next: the genetics of telepathy.
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