Apr 4, 2015

The Huaoshy

Three Domains of Life.
Within the Exode Trilogy, the Huaoshy are the aliens with god-like powers who long ago sent the pek out into the universe of galaxies to find worlds like Earth and nurture them as biological gardens.

For the past three years I've been linking the term "Huaoshy" to this entry in the Encyclopedia of Future Science. This blog post is my attempt to provide an updated account of the Huaoshy and their interaction with we Earthlings.

Sadly, there is no available pictorial depiction of the Huaoshy. The Huaoshy are a form of artificial life that is difficult for mere mortals to comprehend. The Huaoshy did originate, billions of years ago, as a small group of biological species in a distant galaxy. Those alien species merged and modified themselves and ultimately transcended their physical existence within the universe of hadronic matter, finally becoming a form of artificial life that exists as part of what we humans know as the Sedronic Domain. Thus, we can divide life into various domains including the Prokaryotic, the Eukaryotic and the Sedronic.

Masters of their Domain
As an artificial and self-constructed form of life, the Huaoshy are as far beyond we humans as we are are beyond a bacterium. Even though the Kac'hin were engineered to serve as a commuications link to the Huaoshy, it is not clear that a Kac'hin Selfie like Delpha can actually understand the Huaoshy and their existence within the Sedronic Domain.

Special thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Black Cat 9 - stock" that I used to create the blue "sedronite" who is in the image shown to the left.

For hundreds of millions of years the Huaoshy have been facilitating the movement of human-like biological species towards a new existence within the Sedronic Domain. Most of the sedronic life forms have continued to evolve within the Sedronic Domain and they have lost interest in the universe of hadronic matter and biological life forms.

However, a few life forms within the Sedronic Domain still retain a small amount of interaction with the pek, particularly when something unusual happens in the Hadronic Domain such as the invention of time travel by the positronic robots of Earth. The Exode Trilogy tells the story of how the Huaoshy dealt with R. Gohrlay and her cadre of telepathic time-traveling robots.

Sedron Monopoly
The Huaoshy retain a monopoly on sedronic matter. It was their mastery of sedrons that allowed the Huaoshy to force R. Gohrlay into a negotiated settlement at the end of the Time War. Sedrons are required for travel through space at faster-than-light speed.

whimsical depiction of the Huaoshy
(blue alien) and a pek (white)
The Sedronites are life forms that exist as hybrid biological-artificial life forms, partially adapted to the conditions needed for ultimate transcendence from the Hadronic Domain into the Sedronic Domain. For stories that are set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe, it is Sedronites who visit Earth and interact with we Earthlings. Since our contacts with the Huaoshy are always indirect, it is very difficult for we bumbling Earthlings to develop a clear understanding of the Huaoshy and their motivations.

Rules of Intervention. It seems that the Huaoshy are guided by a set of ethical guidelines. The "Rules of Intervention" were written by Sedronites (particularly the Interventionists), so we do not know if they truly reflect the thought processes of the Huaoshy.

Probability of extinction as a function of technological
advancement from nucleons to hierions to sedrons.
Apparently the Huaoshy believe that tool-using biological organisms such as we humans should not be allowed to pollute and corrupt "garden worlds" such as Earth. Thus, the pek work hard to push technologically advanced species towards an artificial "second life" within the Sedronic Domain.

A major problem for the pek is that biological species usually last only a short time. In particular, tool-using species tend to destroy themselves quite quickly. The "big question" within the Exode Trilogy is if we Earthlings can avoid destroying ourselves and Earth? Can we successfully survive our technological adolescence and spread among the stars? The Huaoshy think it is a doomed project, but R. Gohrlay won us the opportunity to try.

Balance of Power
Chris Winkle wrote: "Time and time again, writers have blundered into making their heroes too powerful for the antagonist to be a threat, and then had to write their way out of the quagmire."

We can ask, if the Huaoshy are god-like, then are they too powerful? The Exode Trilogy began with a kind of struggle between R. Gohrlay and the Huaoshy for control of Earth. For two billion years the Huaoshy were the undisputed masters of Earth, but then R. Gohrlay and her tribe of positronic robots were able to grab control by exploiting their monopoly on telepathy and time travel. Eventually, the Huaoshy also developed time travel technology and even went a step farther than R. Gohrlay had gone. The advanced Reality Viewing technology of the Huaoshy allowed them to view entire Reality Chains.

However, I imagine that R. Gohrlay could still endlessly harass the Huaoshy, as long as R. Gohrlay could hide in the Hierion Domain. I'm not sure exactly what the Hierion Domain is, but I assume that it is the perfect hiding place for anyone who wants to "get away from it all".

So, yes, the Huaoshy could have just put an end to time travel and used their superior nanite technology to take control of Earth and we humans, but that might have led to an eternity of guerrilla warfare by R. Gohrlay. Instead, they opted for a negotiated end to the Time War. Is the ultimate measure of power the extent to which you can restrain yourself from using your power?

Galactic cluster containing the the home galaxy of the Huaoshy as seen from Earth.

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