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Leymaygn and Vozgrow
Lendhalen is where Parthney was trained for his mission to Earth. When Parthney arrives at Lendhalen he has no appreciation for the conditions under which Interventionist agents operate while stationed on Earth. He is alarmed to learn that humans are viewed as a kind of disease organism by aliens and that the Interventionists must scheme and struggle in order to try to win a future for Humanity. It is not hard to win Parthney over to the Interventionist cause.
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However, Parthney finds conditions at Lendhalen to be chaotic and it seems like nobody is really in charge. There are competing factions among the interventionists and Parthney can't judge which of the different views of Earth's future is most likely to be correct.

Some of the Interventionists (Pla'mak and Vozgrow) are intent on continuing to push forward the same agenda that has previously guided missions on Earth. Through the centuries, Interventionist agents have worked to accelerate the pace of human technological advancement on Earth. Parthney gets to meet several former residents of Earth who were teleported off of Earth by other "Thomas clones" who in the past served on Earth as Interventionist agents.

Among those former Earthlings is Gwyned, the sister of Thomas. Gwyned is very much committed to the idea of pushing ahead the pace of technological advance on Earth. She tries to prepare Parthney to bring to Earth new technical knowledge related the development of fusion power, but he is not convinced that it makes sense to meddle with the pace of technological advances on Earth.

Other Interventionists, (particularly Pla'kau) question the wisdom of helping Earthlings push towards new technologies. In fact, Pla'kau wants to send Parthney to Earth with ideas for solving the global warming problem

Syon the robot.
Pla'kau, Pla'mak and Vozgrow don't have direct contacts with Parthney. Parthney's training within Lendhalen is in the hands of Leymaygn, Syon and Gwyned.

Leymaygn is the Buld who is assigned the task of keeping Parthney with his nose to the grindstone. However, Parthney is not one to work very hard and he soon diverges from the rigorous training schedule.

Parthney ends up spending much of his time at Lendhalen with robots like Syon. He forms a new megepi and neglects his studies of Earth.

Pla'mak decides to work with Gwyned and help her study the technology at Lendhalen, most of which was provided by the Fru'wu. Gwyned makes little progress in understanding nanites, teleportation and hierions, but she does manage to crack the Fru'wu teleportation codes and she sends a "copy of Luri" to Earth with Parthney.

Gwyned's family
Gwyned is the daughter of Deomede and Trysta. She is the half sister of Thomas. Recognizing that Parthney is fascinated by the idea of finding human females to socialize with and not at all interested in having a physical relationship with him, Gwyned provides Parthney with the robot, Syon.

An Ek'col male and Asterothrope female.
Although nobody at Lendhalen knows it, Syon is a sophisticated artificial lifeform that originated as the Asterothrope who readers of the Exode Trilogy know as Trysta. Syon provides Parthney with the key piece of information that he needs to pass on to Thomas after being sent off on his mission to Earth.

In the next chapter of Exode ("Klyz and Earth"), Parthney completes his training at Lendhalen and is teleported to Earth. When Parthney is teleported away from Lendhalen, he is first sent the the Fru'wu base at Klyz where the artificial replica of Luri is waiting.

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