Apr 5, 2015

The Planet Tar'tron

"Trantor" by Silviu Dinu
The planet Tar'tron is one of the important worlds of the Galactic Core that is featured in the Exode Trilogy. "Tar'tron" is actually another name for "Trantor", which was the Capitol world for Isaac Asimov's Galactic Empire. "Tar'tron" is just another name for the the world that we know as Trantor in another Reality.

The entire Exode Trilogy began with The Foundations of Eternity, a science fiction novel that was inspired by Isaac Asimov and his science fiction, particularly his time travel novel The End of Eternity and his sprawling Foundation Saga.

Trantor was the Capitol of
Asimov's Galactic Empire as
depicted in the Foundation
stories. Tar'tron is another
name for the planet Trantor
In the Foundation Reality, Trantor becomes a world with a huge population. At its peak of development, there is almost no open space remaining on the surface of Trantor. Its huge population lives in one continuous city that sprawls around the surface of the planet. However, due to the wonders of time travel, the planet that we all know as "Trantor" also has existed in other Realities. In all other Realities, it is a world with a much smaller population and no pretensions of being a seat of government.

In the Foundation Reality, R. Daneel Olivaw was tasked with spreading humans to all of the habitable worlds of the galaxy as quickly as possible. R. Gohrlay believed that the best defense against the alien Huaoshy was to create Galaxia, a galaxy-spanning group mind.

Bet and Michael
The world that came to be known as "Trantor" was first used by the pek as a testing center for newly crafted types of Sedronites. Starting with the Grean Reality, the world became known as Tar'tron and it came to be the key world for development of the Kac'hin, the type of Sedronite that serves as a bimanoid interface between we humans and the Huaoshy.

Tar'tron is first mentioned in the Exode Trilogy as the base of operations for Obsidia and Grean. Michael Lefey is brought "to Tar'tron" so that he can be trained for his mission to Earth with Bet. Actually, Michael never sets foot on Tar'tron; he is confined to a portion of the Hierion Domain that is closely associated with Tar'tron.

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