Apr 5, 2015

The Mysterious Maghy

I've started on my "spring cleaning" project for 2015. I intend to compose a large number of blog posts that will provide accounts of important people, places and other things that exist within the Exode Trilogy. One of the first of these blog posts is about Grean, a Kac'hin who is among the most important characters in the Trilogy.

Previously, I've mentioned the "original Grean" (Delphys Ghreanamar), a Kac'hin hermaphrodite who lived 80,000 years ago. Grean is a clone of Delphys, genetically identical right down to the last base pair.

Clones play a major role in the Exode Trilogy. One of the features of Sedronite cloning technology is that it is a trivial matter to make either hermaphroditic, male or female clones from someone such as Delphys. Normally there are no male Kac'hin, but a male clone of Delphys appears as a character in Trysta and Ekcolir.

The Reality Chain that leads to the timeline of our universe.
All in the Family
The first male clone of Delphys was born on Tar'tron about 50,000 years ago. That clone of Delphys was named Denisov Maghylose. Later, his Selfie adopted the name Maghy. Readers of Trysta and Ekcolir first encounter Maghy at the end of Part I.

While on Earth, Maghy often uses the cover name Dennis McGee. When he is first introduced to readers, Dennis is working in New York City as the managing editor of Future Science Fiction magazine. Note that Maghy is present on Earth during the Grean Reality, the Reality that proceeded the Ekcolir Reality. However, Maghy is present "on Earth" (actually, much of the time he is in the Hierion Domain) during all of Vance's life and Maghy influences the development of John Vance's writing through influences imposed by Vance's replicoid).

Brothers John and Jack Vance
in a previous Reality.
In the Grean Reality, the science fiction author who we know as "Jack Vance" was born as a pair of identical twins named John and Jack Vance. As part of bringing into existence the Buld Reality, the universe as we know it, Maghy removes John Vance from Earth, substituting John's replicoid from the Hierion Domain.

The "John Vance" of the Grean Reality becomes a time traveler who will reappear in both the Ekcolir Reality and in the Buld Reality. Within the Ekcolir Reality, the time traveling John Vance from the Grean Reality lives for a time in the Hierion Domain with the replicoid of the John Vance who was born in the Ekcolir Reality. That replicoid has some contact with the John Vance of the Ekcolir Reality who is on Earth.

John Vance's account of
Michael Lefey's mission to Earth

One of the consequences of that contact (largely subconscious) is that the John Vance of the Ekcolir Reality becomes fixated on characters whose names begin with "M". In particular, Vance's character who we know as Ghyl Tarvoke is partially inspired by Maghy. In the Ekcolir Reality, the John Vance story that is the analog of the story Emphyrio (in the Buld Reality) is quite different and the protagonist is a woman named Machure LeGhere.

Eventually, the John Vance from the Grean Reality is brought into the Buld Reality to live out the end of his life. Thus, John Vance from the Grean Reality becomes a character in Exode.

In the Grean Reality, the original analog of the fictional character Ghyl Tarvoke was named "Michael Lefey" by John Vance. Thus Michael Lefey becomes a major character in Trysta and Ekcolir. By the twists of time travel, the character "Lefey" is inspired by Maghy and thons efforts to alter the history of Earth.

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