Apr 22, 2015


Parthney (right), shown with
two members of his megepi.
In my previous blog post, I described the origin of the character Parthney who appears in Exode. Growing up on a planet of the Galactic Core, Hemmal, Parthney becomes a musician.

For the residents of Hemmal, Earth is little more than a place of myth and legend, but Parthney becomes intrigued by the mythology of Earth. Parthney develops an inconvenient idea: that the mythological world Earth would be a better place to live than Hemmal...and he can't resist singing about his preference for the fantasy culture of Earth. Eventually, Parthney wears out his welcome on Hemmal and he gets kicked off of his home world.

Garage band Parthney.
Parthney enters into training as an Interventionist agent. His training takes place at Lendhalen, a secret base of the Interventionists.

For the past two years, while trying to sort out the rather complex back-story of Exode, I've rather mercilessly made fun of Parthney and his youthful follies. Parthney reminds me of "Chauncey Gardiner" in the film Being There. Parthney is sent to Earth with very low expectations. The Interventionist masterminds who plan his mission to Earth expect Parthney to just bumble around on Earth for a few years before being captured by the Overseers who watch over Earth and who are always on the lookout for Interventionist agents.

Parthney is a "Thomas clone".
When Parthney arrives on Earth, he is rather dismayed to discover that Hana is well on her way towards "blowing the cover" for a major Interventionist project on Earth. Parthney decides that he must teleport Hana off of Earth in order to prevent her from revealing to the whole world that aliens have been secretly guiding human evolution and crafting a primate that can successfully develop a technologically advanced civilization on Earth.

Parthney is half Asterothrope and half Ek'col.
Parthney's genetic mother was Trysta, an Asterothrope. As a time traveler from the far future, Trysta arrives in the 20th century with plans to reproduce by artificial means.

However, she bumps into Ekcolir, an Ek'col male who has been specifically designed to be inter-fertile with Trysta. Trysta is surprised when she becomes pregnant. Growing up inside Trysta, her son Thomas soon develops telepathic communications with Trysta.

Thomas, and all of his many clones, including Parthney, have a strong genetic predisposition towards lives full of artistic endeavors. Thomas becomes a writer and Parthney is a musician while living on Hemmal, although later in life he takes up the pen and writes books such as Last Night on Hemmal.

Whimsical poster depicting Parthney
as a suave secret agent (source).
As a clone of Thomas, Parthney is not quite human. However, Parthney grows up with nanoscopic devices in his body that carefully guide the development of his physical form, ensuring that he has the body structure of a human male.

Syon and Vozgrow at Lendhalen.
Due to the wonders of time travel, there have been many other "Thomas clones" before Parthney. Those earlier "versions of Parthney" were also sent to Earth on Interventionist missions. Their performance on Earth was carefully studied by Vozgrow and Leymaygn and it was hoped that their understanding of Parthney's personality and Syon's knowledge of the future could be used to successfully prepare Parthney for his mission to Earth.

The largest "fly in the ointment" is Gwyned, the sister of Thomas. Parthney develops the inconvenient idea that Gwyned is much better qualified to go to Earth as an Interventionist agent than he is. Eventually, after some arm twisting, Parthney goes off to Earth. However, Gwyned does arrange for a "copy of Luri" to go to Earth with Parthney.

Izhiun is born on the planet Luk'ru
in the Andromeda galaxy
While Parthney is on Earth, his son, Boswei, grows up on Hemmal. At the time, Parthney has no idea that he is a father. Suspecting that Parthney would be her only opportunity to have children, Kach managed to "trick" Parthney into becoming the father of her son, Boswei.

Later, Hana and Boswei meet and fall in love. Their son, Izhiun, ends up playing an important role in allowing the Editor to tell the secret history of Earth.

Book three of the Exode Trilogy.
After being captured by the Overseers, Parthney only spends a short time as a prisoner. Thomas arranges to "take Parthney's place"in the Overseer prison. Parthney gets to return briefly to Hemmal and collect Kach and Boswei. During their mission to the Andromeda galaxy, Kach and Parthney fall in love. However, Kach keeps relentlessly searching for the Creators of the human species until she mysteriously "disappears".

Whimsical pulp cover (source).
Parthney's efforts to find Kach  eventually provide to motivation for Izhiun to go back to Earth where he can take part in the First Contact event involving the Buld spaceship that reaches Earth early in the 21st century.

When Parthney and Kach are finally reunited, they set off on a new mission among the stars, again searching for the Creators.

Next: I start my 2015 search for aliens.

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