Sep 2, 2015

Past Lives - αGohrlay

Archive Worlds
I previously blogged about the fact that in the Ekcolir Reality, my analogue knew Gohrlay. That was the first Reality in which "I" existed, or, to put it more accurately, an analogue of me existed. I've come to accept the idea that I was created in the Ekcolir Reality as part of the process by which the Time War was ended and the Trysta-Grean Pact was negotiated.

In contrast, Gohrlay existed all he way back in the very First Reality, before time travel technology was invented. I've been questioning Gohrlay about her many "past lives" in Deep Time.

First Reality
Gohrlay's "first life" began at Observer Base on the Moon. Her role as the "template" for positronic brains has been told in Foundations of Eternity.

Foundations of Eternity
My past collaborator, Ivory Fersoni, wrote the definitive account of events in the First Reality. However, Gohrlay claims that Ivory's clone sisters Angela and Anney were deliberately "fed" a version of the history of the First Reality that suits the needs of the Huaoshy. According to Gohrlay, the Huaoshy are deeply embarrassed by the history of Humanity and we might never know the full story.

Our Reality Chain
In any case, after Gohrlay's brain pattern was scanned and used to create a positronic brain, she was then taken away from the Solar System by the space ship known as Many Sails.

Galactic Core
Gohrlay had remarkable experiences in the Galactic Core where she was transformed from a biological organism into an artificial life form. For some reason, she does not like talking about her existence as an artificial life form. Gohrlay seems to have become an object of study when the Kac'hin finally realized that humans had a "naturally evolved" capacity for telepathy.

The assembly of R. Gohrlay at Observer Base.
I put "naturally evolved" in quotes because Gohrlay suspects that the bumpha knew exactly what they were doing when they created the human species. However, I'm skeptical and it may well be that human "mentalic" abilities were purely the result of natural selection acting on random mutations.

Gohrlay in the First Reality.
Gohrlay claims that
the development of a science of positronics at Observer Base on the Moon was not a chance event and that it was carefully orchestrated by the bumpha as part of their plan for Humanity. As far as I can tell, these suspicions are only based on Gohrlay's personal experiences during her time at Observer Base and have never been independently confirmed.

In the Asimov Reality
Gohrlay did not return to Earth until the Asimov Reality. According to Gohrlay, an effort was made to turn her into a "fixed point in Time". Using the temporal amplification system that had been created for Earth, R. Gohrlay vastly amplified Gohrlay within the Hierion Domain, assuring that she would have an analogue in both the Ekcolir Reality and the Final Reality.

When Gohrlay arrived "on" Earth in the Asimov Reality, she was an artificial life form. All Gohrlay will tell me about her role in that Reality is that she played a role in the development of the Science Fiction genre.

I suspect that Gohrlay operated from within the Hierion Domain to influence the writing career of the analogue of Isaac Asimov and other science fiction authors who existed in that Reality, but she refuses to provide me with any any details. My working hypothesis is that when Science Fiction writers like Asimov and Vance were taken out of Time, Gohrlay then worked with them in the Hierion Domain.

Problem Child
Sea level rise in the Ekcolir Reality.
Apparently no record of Gohrlay's parents was made available to R. Gohrlay, so although Gohrlay herself became a fixed point in time, her parents led radically different lives in the Ekcolir Reality and the Final Reality. Gohrlay's analogue in the Ekcolir Reality was not made consciously aware of her existence in Deep Time until just before my analogue was sent into the future of the Ekcolir Reality. In that Reality, Gohrlay was also involved with science fiction, mainly as an influence on my analogue. In the Ekcolir Reality, my analogue made a misguided effort to break out of the science fiction genre and tell the secret history of Humanity in a non-fiction format.

Of course, we know nothing of the advanced technology by which Gohrlay was re-instantiated as a biological entity in the Ekcolir Reality. I suspect that her genome had previously been recorded and it was simply re-created and placed into a human stem cell. Gohrlay claims that it was more complicated than that and that her parents in the Ekcolir Reality were genetically designed to contain all of her genes.

Exode Trilogy
Here in the Buld Reality, the Final Reality, Gohrlay seems to have almost no interest in science fiction. She recognizes my obsession with trying to tell the hidden history of Humanity through my story writing, but she has her own concerns. I believe that Gohrlay has been given a significant amount of insight into the future of Earth, which gives her a special perspective on life. She is constantly thinking in the future and worried about the challenges that await us, even centuries in the future.

Given all that Gohrlay has been through, I feel that she is bored, if not disgusted, by we Earthlings. Sometimes I fear that she is simply not free to share what she knows about the future with me. At other times, I suspect that she knows that I would be distracted from my work (writing the Exode Trilogy) or even cognitively damaged if I knew everything that she knows.

Next: more on Gohrlay's life in the Ekcolir Reality.
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