May 29, 2016

Who Else?

What does it mean to "be on Earth"? We are comfortable with the idea that human beings are born on Earth, live out their lives here on this planet and then die. Maybe some day an Earthling will go to the Moon or Mars and die there, never returning to Earth.

The Lives of Gohrlay
New Worlds
Contrast that conventional understanding of life on Earth with the life of Gohrlay. She might have originally been the clone of a prototype human who was crafted on a distant world. She grew up at Observer Base in the Hierion Domain, "near" to Earth. Twice during her first life she visited Earth for a short time. Then she was taken away to the Galactic Core. Before Gohrlay died, she was "copied" and the pattern of her human body was saved and archived.

the template for positronic brans
Meanwhile, the pattern of Gohrlay's brain had been used as a template for creating the positronic brain (as told in The Foundations of Eternity). There were multiple instantiations of that positronic brain pattern, the most important being that of R. Gohrlay. As a robot, R. Gohrlay persisted as the Queen of Eternity, witness to millions of years of both human and Asterothrope society as the two species existed across an uncounted multitude of Realities. Eventually, with the human species extinct, R. Gohrlay faced a dramatic decision. In order to fulfill "her" programming and save Humanity, R. Gohrlay had to achieve a negotiated end to the Time War and remove herself as the guardian of Earth.

As part of the Trysta-Grean Pact, a "copy" of Gohrlay was returned to Earth and forcefully inserted into the Ekcolir Reality (question: maybe this was first done in an even earlier Reality?). Gohrlay was "amplified" by the inertial generators that had long ago been "installed on Earth", ensuring that Gohrlay would have an analogue in the Final Reality.

Apparently, all of the vast and past memories of both Gohrlay and R. Gohrlay were made available to the Gohrlay analogue who now resides here in our universe.

Who Else?
The tryp'At Overseers
I've been led to believe that Earth is now overseen by the tryp'At Overseers. Apparently these Overseers of Earth take seriously the goal of making sure that Earth adheres to the Rules of Intervention by which we Earthlings are not supposed to have contact with and knowledge of Genesaunt Civilization and the entire Secret History of Earth.

Is Gohrlay a special, privileged exception to the Rules of Intervention? And what of myself? With my special knowledge, should I be allowed to remain on this world? Is it enough that I have been deprived of any objective evidence to support my belief in the Secret History of alien intervention on Earth?

Trysta-Grean Pact
And now, a new question. If Gohrlay is in some sense a "Trojan horse" that allowed R. Gohrlay to "live on" here in this Reality on Earth, then might there be other such "infiltrators" currently on Earth?

What if, as part of the Trysta-Grean Pact, both sides in the Time War were granted the right to have an agent stationed on Earth? Gohrlay might be serving as R. Gohrlay's agent. As a human being, Gohrlay can "blend in" with the human population of Earth and as long as she never speaks out, nobody need ever know anything about her amazing past lives.

The Final Reality
Who might have been selected to be such an Observer for the Huaoshy? It is easy for me to imagine that Grean inserted herself into the Final Reality and, disguised within a human body, the mind of Grean the Kac'hin might be alive and well here on Earth, watching and monitoring events on Earth.

But why stop there? Observation is no problem for the pek. I have to believe that Earth is still infused with zeptites that constantly monitor the entire planet. If Grean is here among us, it would only be because she wanted to be here. And might not others have that same desire?

The Last Time Travel Mission
Reading over my shoulder, Gohrlay just commented that the idea of Grean wanting to live on Earth is about a likely as a human deciding that it would be fun to transfer one's consciousness into the body of a fish and live out a brief existence in the sea.

However, I'm not convinced that such "insertions" of Observers into the bodies of Earthlings need take place on the limited scale that we imagine when we think of one consciousness taking up residence within a single human body. What if Grean is now somehow resident within the entire population of Earth?

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