Aug 14, 2016

Investigation 601

In some sense, each post to the wikifiction blog is the summary report for an investigation. This is the 601st such report (see report 500).

Investigative Science Fiction
What is the subject of these on-going investigations? For stories that are set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe, the main theme is that aliens from distant galaxies long ago visited Earth.

When humans first arrived on the scene, those aliens were just about as interested in we humans as the typical person is concerned about the olinguito.

Even the Creators of the human species expected us to become extinct and quietly fade away. As far as I can tell, we should view the bumpha and the Nereids as being responsible for our existence, but they ended up being surprised by their own creation.

A funny thing happened on the way to human extinction...
our Reality Chain
Then the first human scientists developed the strange science of positronics. Upon creation of  positronic brains, it was discovered that their unique properties make possible a powerful form of telepathy. Isaac Asimov was the first person in this Reality to write about positronic brains.

Asimov the time lord
However, positronic robots were invented far back in Deep Time. Positronics also led to the first practical means of traveling through time. Again, it was Asimov who first wrote about time travel and Reality Changes.

But if aliens arrived on Earth 2,000,000,000 years ago, then why do we have so little evidence of their visit? And why is all of the available evidence in the form of science fiction stories?

Asimov's analogue in the Foundation Reality was infested with a swarm of infites that came from a positronic robot. It was from those information nanites that Asimov learned about the future of Earth and the rise of a First and Second Foundation in his far future. Soon thereafter Asimov became a time traveler and helped bring into existence the Asimov Reality.

The Trysta Truce
Today I was discussing the Asimov Reality with Gohrlay and I asked her why both the Interventionists and the Overseers of Earth were content to quietly work on genetic modifications of humans during the space age in that Reality. In reply, Gohrlay casually mentioned what she called the Trysta Truce.

Original cover art by Harold McCauley
Several years ago I became aware of the Trysta-Grean Pact. I suppose I should not have been surprised to learn that there was a truce in the Time War before the Trysta-Grean Pact was negotiated.

However, according to Gohrlay, the Trysta Truce began with a sneaky trick played by R. Gohrlay on Grean. R. Gohrlay agreed to remove her agents from Earth. To comply with the terms of the truce, R. Rycleu was dismantled and that robot's parts were turned over to Grean. However, rather than hand Trysta over to Grean, a clone of Trysta was substituted and Trysta continued to reside on Earth.

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Apparently Grean was well aware of that substitution, but what the pek really wanted was to obtain an Asterothrope genome, so a clone of Trysta satisfied their needs.

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What Next?
My blogging slowed last month while I did some work on the beginning chapters of Trysta and Ekcolir. Now I'm getting a persistent itch to update the first chapter of Foundations of Eternity.

I'm already working on a new blog post for September that will be my celebration of 50 years of Star Trek. Also in the queue is a tribute to Isaac Asimov that I will post in 2017, 25 years after his untimely death in 1992.

Next: the Trysta-Grean Pact

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