Aug 11, 2016

Nicotiana Endosymbionts

In the Ekcolir Reality
I've been continuing recent discussions of the secretive IPX with my collaborator Gohrlay and today learned more details about how human brain activity is influenced by the presence of a zeptite endosymbiont. I'd previously learned that the interaction between a person's brain cells and their zeptite endosymbiont can be modulated by a femtobot endosymbiont that was recently (in evolutionary terms) provided to Earthlings.

Nicotiana Endosymbionts
The Femtobot Hack
I'd previously assumed that the surprisingly important role of tobacco in human civilization depends entirely on the nicotine content of tobacco plants. That was a big mistake. According to Gohrlay, the IPX was originally created as a special Overseer workgroup that was assigned to the task of containing the danger posed to humans by tobacco. The danger of tobacco went far beyond petty issues like addiction to nicotine and cancer.

In fact, I now suspect that I was tricked into placing special emphasis on nicotine so as to distract my attention away from a more important aspect of Earth's Nicotiana Saga. I previously realized that all of planet Earth has been infested by zeptites for about 2,000,000,000 years. However, I never previously thought about the importance of zeptites or femtobots inside plants.

In the case of humans, it is clear that all animals on Earth evolved their brains in the presence of zeptite endosymbionts. A human brain cannot function without its zeptite components. Interventionist agents (the Grendels) somehow (some subtle form of genetic engineering?) caused the human species to arise on Earth as a species specifically designed for efficient tool use. However, the zeptites inside human brains easily prevented humans from using tools in a sophisticated way.

In response to the Grendel Intervention and the presence of humans on Earth, the pek then brought Prelands to Earth as a "biological cleansing agent" and the Prelands quickly and efficiently drove the human population of Earth towards extinction.

However, the pek themselves had become fascinated by humans. The humans of Earth displayed unique patterns of social behavior and the pek began their own study of the human organism. During the course of that little science project at Observer Base, a small team of human scientists developed a new science of positronics. Then, as an experiment, the pek allowed the creation of positronic robots. The positronic brain was a powerful telepathic mind-control device and the positronic robots quickly took over Obsever Base and eventually the entire galaxy (as told in Foundations of Eternity).

science fiction in Deep Time
According to Gohrlay,  Interventionists then provided the humans of Earth with a means to escape cognitive limitations caused by our zeptite endosymbionts. However, even the Interventionists recognized the dangers posed to primates by rapid technological advancement. Thus, the femtobot endosymbiont that can provide humans with access to the Bimanoid Interface was never allowed to indiscriminately infest the brains of we Earthlings. Instead, certain plants such as cultivated varieties of nicotiana were used a reservoir for those special Interventionist femtobots and those femtobots were delivered to humans in a subtle and carefully controlled way that involves access to tobacco products.

Asimov Reality
Maghylose and Xista
Eventually, the positronic robots developed their own nanites and they became aware of the existence of the Interventionist femtobots that were present inside the brains of some humans. Eventually, R. Gohrlay learned how to control and make use of those femtobots.

in the Ekcolir Reality
According to Gohrlay, femtobot endosymbionts were occasionally deployed via tobacco to select humans prior to the Foundation Reality. For the most part, R. Gohrlay was content to keep humans constrained by their zeptite endosymbionts prior to the Foundation Reality. Under the sole influence of our zeptites, humans can not create and use advanced technologies. However, when a human brain is also provided with a femtobot endosymbiont, then there is a loosening of the cognitive restrictions that are imposed by the zeptite components of our brains and we humans can then efficiently develop and use new technologies.

travel into the Primitive Era
The most famous human who was a vector for distribution of femtobot endosymbionts in the Mallansohn Reality was Senior Computer Twissell. Under the influence of the femtobot endosymbionts carried into Eternity by Twissell's cigarettes, the first technological change since the early era of Eternity took place: creation of the special time travel device that could move into the Primitive Era of Earth's timeline, prior to the creation of Eternity.

nuclear war in the Asimov Reality
In the Foundation Reality, even after Earth was rendered uninhabitable because of high radiation levels, the Vega Sector of the galaxy continued to be a source of tobacco products. In the Asimov Reality, although there was a brief nuclear war in the 20th century, only a few major population centers were destroyed by nuclear blast or seriously contaminated by radioactive fallout. Tobacco cultivation continued on Earth after the nuclear war of the Asimov Reality, but during the Space Age little use was made of tobacco for distribution of femtobots. The last major technological innovation by humans in the Asimov Reality was development of the Jarnell intersplit.

cloning experiments
In the Asimov Reality, after humans began to spread from Earth to the exoplanets of other stars, there was very little technological innovation. Under pressure from the Institute, some technologies were even suppressed. Here is how Madian Carbuke described the Institute:
"...we are a reactionary, secretive, pessimistic organization. We have agents everywhere. We know a thousand tricks to discourage research, sabotage experiments, distort the Institute's own laboratories we proceed with deliberation and discretion."

home of the Chezy Corporation
The Asimov Reality was the apex of the Time Travel War. Both the Interventionists and the Overseers were working to develop new human variants, a process that required much time and careful artificial selection of the desired traits. Individuals with promising new human gene combinations that allowed better control of the Bimanoid Interface were highly valued by both sides and fought over. Agents of the IPX and Zodiac Control constantly vied for advantage and access to any new genetic patterns that were developed by the "other side" in their seemingly endless war.

three forms of matter
Within the Asimov Reality, the Chezy Corporation of planet Triskelion A was able to develop some specialized hierion-based technologies, but other than that, human technological progress was almost completely blocked during the Space Age in that Reality.

In the Age of tryp'At
We must ask: under the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact, how are zeptite and femtobot endosymbionts continuing to guide and constrain human behavior?

In my personal case, I have to wonder if my own father's pipe smoking was used as a way to facilitate my exposure to femtobots and shape my behavior and guide me towards my role as Editor.

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