Dec 11, 2016

Nanite Injections

in the Ekcolir Reality
Original cover art by John Drew.
Another day, another discussion of A Search Beyond with my collaborators Yōd and Zeta. A puzzling issue raised in Chapter 4 of A Search Beyond is how the tryp'At Overseers obtained a copy of The Qaz Nanotropy from the Ekcolir Reality.

Zeta suggests that the mysterious and unseen Interventionist named Nivsaham might have provided the Overseers with a copy of The Qaz Nanotropy.

Yōd proposed another possibility: that both Miners of Earth and The Qaz Nanotropy were brought into the Final Reality by Trysta Iwedon. When Trysta viewed future Realities from Deep Time, did she see that it would be useful to insert a few books such as The Qaz Nanotropy into the Final Reality?

Miners of Earth
Another issue that is briefly raised in Chapter 4 is that there are "a few other dissidents" in residence at Observer Base along with Asimov and Mahasvin. Yōd believes that at least one of the Dead Widowers was imprisoned at Observer Base; possibly Thomas. He may have been captured while he was in possession of a copy of The Qaz Nanotropy.

The Asimov Reality
Chapter 5 of A Search Beyond takes readers to the brink of the Asimov Reality. Chapter 5 includes a strange "story within a story" that takes place within a virtual reality simulation and it deals with the mystery of how Isaac Asimov first became aware of the Qaz nanotropy.

Atossu Intervention
One more topic that was briefly mentioned in Chapter 4 is the idea of inserting nanites into people. A "nanotropy" is the use of nanites to adapt an Interventionist agent to a particular physical form so that the spy can live on Earth without being recognized as being from another world.

The Qaz nanotropy took place in ancient Greece. The Interventionist agent (named Qaz Nivsaham) was a visiting Kac'hin from the Galactic Core.

Nanites Within
In my previous blog post it was mentioned that Nivsaham is a nanoscopic "copy" (actually a Selfie) of the "original" Mahasvin. Yōd believes that the original Mahasvin was from Tar'tron and hermaphroditic. A "copy" (clone) of Mahasvin was inserted into the historical timeline of Earth in the Asimov Reality. According to Yōd, that Earthly version of Mahasvin was shaped by developmental control nanites and born to an Earth woman.

While growing up on Earth, the Mahasvin clone was guided through her life by Nivsaham the Selfie. Zeta thinks that Nivsaham used the Bimanoid Interface to "put ideas" into the mind of the Mahasvin clone and guide her actions. Yōd suggests that since Nivsaham was nanoscopic, it was possible for Nivsaham to be present on Earth, possibly residing right in the body of the Mahasvin clone.

I've spent the past few years worrying that my replicoid in the Hierion Domain has been controlling my thoughts via the Bimanoid Interface. I find it disturbing to contemplate the possibility that all of we humans on Earth could be puppets for nanoscopic Selfies that could reside in a human's brain.

Blast from the Past
I've previously made reference to Richard Feynman's famous lecture "Plenty of Room at the Bottom". In the Exode Saga, there are nanoscopic artificial life forms of various types and zeptite endosymbionts that reside inside all humans.

I grew up a science fiction fan reading many stories about creatures that could reside inside a human body. One that I never read is Needle. Full disclosure: I have left many terrible gaps in my Sci Fi reading; for example, I've never read Destination Brain.

I'm not sure if I have ever read anything written by Hal Clement. Some day, I hope to read his story 'Blot' and the novel Fossil.

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