Jan 14, 2017

Imaginary Books

see the original magazine cover
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30 months ago I played a little game with Project Gutenberg's Astounding Stories bookshelf.

Astounding Stories, November 1932
Cover art by Hans Wessolowski.
Shown to the left is an 85 year old magazine cover from Astounding Stories. I used Photoshop to alter that old cover image and mix in an image of model Rose Wood from photographer Cathleen Tarawhiti. I imagine that there was a magazine called Future Science (see the image to the right) in another Reality and a story called "Creatures from the Sedronic Domain".

Imaginary Books
The X-Phile Intervention
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What can be more fun than imaginary stories in imaginary pulp science fiction magazines? Imaginary novels!

Special thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Black Cat 2 - stock" that I used the image shown to the right. 

The Last Grendel on Earth
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The Exode Saga is about aliens who have visited Earth for millions of years and who are responsible for creating the human species.

One type of alien visitor who helped guide the development of the human species are the Grendels. The Grendels were artificial life forms that could take on any convenient physical shape. Due to their origins and their desire to remain hidden from humans, Grendels often hid under water.

Hierion Crossing
Image credits
The Grendels and the Kac'hin are two types of Sedronite.

Special thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Dauntless - Action Heroine stock 4" that I used the image shown to the right. 

The Sedronite with blue skin might be a Kac'hin, the type of humanoid that was crafted by the pek and designed to function as an interface in the Hadronic Domain for the Huaoshy. In this scene, there is a confrontation between a human from Earth and the alien that takes place in the Hierion Domain.

Luri of Tamari
Image credits.
The Anney Archives
Anney Fersoni is one of the Atlantis clones. Anney played an important role in making known the lost events of Deep Time, events that took place in the previous Realities of our Reality Chain. Anney might not have written any of the imaginary books shown here, but she did provide the Editor with a wealth of information about the Interventionists who have shaped Earth's history.

Parthney was the final Interventionist from Hemmal, but with the aid of time travel technology, there was a long sequence of Thomas clones who visited Earth in earlier ages. One of these was Thrukta. While working on Earth, Thrukta was befriended by Luri of Tamari. While Luri was fated to die at a young age, Thrukta stepped in and teleported her off of Earth. Two thousand years later Parthney provided a similar service to Hana.

Searching Earth
Image credits: see this and this.
Special thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Dauntless - Action Heroine stock 8" that I used the image shown to the right. Tryp'At Overseers are humans, but they have been genetically altered to have special gene combinations that give them the ability to use their femtobot endosymbiont for access to the Bimanoid Interface.

The Scutinary Vitalists
Image credits
After hierion physics began in the Ekcolir Reality, Sam Jackie published the idea that hidden within the human body might be a form of hierion matter. Only much later was that "Vital Residual" recognized as sedronic matter, the residue of destroyed zeptites.

"Sam Jackie" is an invented name that was used by the analogue of Jack Vance in a previous Reality.

The Toad Goddess saga.
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In previous Realities, the names of famous science fiction story writers were sometimes slightly different, such as Mary Bradley rather than Marion Bradley.

Clarke's Law
If an Interventionist agent living on Earth had amazing abilities such as the power to teleport to and from the surface of Earth, are we justified to think of such a being as a god?

The Yōd Intervention.
Image credits.
Original photographs by Jessica Truscott.
After Ivory Fersoni and the Dead Widowers worked hard give me access to the stories of Anney, the tryp'At Overseers worked hard to cut me off from further contact with Anney and continuing access to her revelations about Deep Time. Currently, my chief collaborators in the investigation of Deep Time are Zeta and Yōd.

In the Ekcolir Reality.
The Lost Sea.
Image credits.
When I go to the DeviantArt website and browse the photography and computer-rendered images, I'm always dazzled and amazed. The stock image accounts of photographers such as Miranda Hedman, Jessica Truscott and Marcus J. Ranum generate millions of webpage views (currently, about 20 million views for these three photographers). I particularly appreciate the ability of these photographers to capture images of models while they are in realistic and interesting poses.

In the Ekcolir Reality.
Journey to Proxima Centauri.
Image credits.
I like to imagine that in an earlier Reality of our Reality Chain, the analogue of H. G. Wells was a woman named Hafren Wells. In the Ekcolir Reality, the science fiction genre was used to prepare Earthlings for First Contact with the alien Fru'wu. In that Reality, Hafren Wells published stories that told the secret history of Humanity and how Interventionist agents have often visited our world and shaped human cultural development.

In the Ekcolir Reality.
The C laser.
Image credits.
Similarly, in the Ekcolir Reality, Jade Verne (the analogue of Jules Verne) was a famous author. Jade died young, but then had a second life as an artificial life form.

Image credits.
The pace of technological development was slightly faster in the Ekcolir Reality than here in the universe as we know it. Rather than rockets and ray guns, the golden age of Sci Fi in the Ekcolir Reality featured teleporters and lasers. Jade Verne wrote stories about teleportation to distant worlds and Hafren Wells included laser microscopy in her stories.

Ereus and Behgi. Image credits.
Hafren Wells wrote a book called Nanomancy which was later discovered by Cecile Eclore, a member of the Dead Widower Society. Hafren provided the first written account of replicoids that ever reached the people of Earth. However, in the Final Reality, knowledge of the existence of replicoids was a more closely held secret.

When Ekcolir traveled back in time and helped bring the Final Reality into existence, he provided the human population of Earth with special gene combinations that first existed on our world among the descendants of Dehla and her two daughters, Behgi and Suem.

A Search Beyond
The Atlan Intervention. Image credits.
In the Exode Saga, I pretend that the analogue of Isaac Asimov wrote a science fiction story called The Atlan Intervention. "Atlan" is short for "Atlantis". Special thanks to Miranda Hedman for the stock photograph "Black Cat 9 - stock" that I used to create the blue "sedronite" who is in the image to the left.

In that story, the analogue of Asimov struggled to convey to a naive audience of Earthlings the idea that the universe as known to us here on Earth, a universe of stars and cars and minnows and Dead Widowers, is only a small subset of a vaster universe. The Asimov analogue of the Foundation Reality had been taken into the Hierion Domain and had been told of the existence of the Sedronic Domain.

Image credits.
Zeta is fascinated by The Atlan Intervention because it explores the hypothesis that hadronic life forms such as humans must eventually transform into artificial life forms. The pek function so as to transform species like we humans into sedronic artificial life forms that reside in the Sedronic Domain. Atlan is a "place" in the Hierion Domain where Interventionist agents are based. Ignorant humans made the mistaken assumption that Atlan was a place on Earth and it became known to us as Atlantis.

According to Yōd, Pla'tron is one of the human-settled worlds of the Galactic Core along with Tar'tron. The last positronic robot on Earth (Rycleu) was taken from Earth to Atlan and "de-programmed". That robot was then teleported to Pla'tron for "re-programming" and trained for a new mission to Earth. That new mission took place in ancient Athens and led to the origin of the legend of Atlantis in the writings of Aristocles.

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