May 6, 2015

Three to the Third

April 2015 blog posts.
Three what? These three: gods, mortals and free will. Those are the topics of the three books in the Exode Trilogy. The alien Hiaoshy are the gods, or, as I like to say, the gods thonselves. As humans, as mere mortals, the Huaoshy are our Creators. We must ask: do we have any choice in how we think about the Huaoshy? Do we humans have any free will or are we all pre-programmed by the Huaoshy, designed and crafted to do only what our Creators want us to do?

Star Dance
The third? Three raised to the third power is 3 x 3 x 3 = 27. Okay.....I had written 23 blog posts. I foolishly tried for 29. I fell two short. Back in March while writing Star Dance, I was trying to find a way to insert of tip of my hat to Carl Sagan.

Sagan appears as a character in Star Dance. I've long been amused by a mathematical idea that he inserted into his science fiction novel Contact.

Sagan's novel asks this Big Question: "If our universe was created then what form might objective evidence of creation take?"

Sagan imagined that an intelligent Creator might have made the structure of the universe in such a way that a coded message exists within a transcendental number such as pi.


The hierion mass equation
So, while thinking about Albert Einstein (another character in Star Dance) and Carl Sagan and pi, I noticed that the number of blog posts I had written in January and February (11 and 7) were prime numbers. I decided that I could write a prime number of blog posts during each month of 2015.

It was easy to complete 13 blog posts in March, but the twelfth prime number is 37, so I realized that I'd have to find a way to blog at a blazing fast pace during some of the remaining months in 2015 if I was going to successfully have a unique prime number of blog posts each month.

During April, about a dozen of my blog posts were "update pages" providing my current thoughts about key people, places and things from the Exode Trilogy.

Mayness the Muse
I mention all of this as an example of how an idea can take over the mind of a writer. Do writers have any free will or are we all possessed by a muse who dictates what we write? This becomes a recursive science fiction question because I've written myself into the Exode Trilogy. From my perspective within Exode, I'm forced to ask if I have any free will, any choice about writing the Exode Trilogy. I love the idea of a writer being forced to write about free will. Tee hee.

Ah, yes; it takes so little to amuse me. Hence, I've never experienced "writer's block". When I was in my "Golden Age" of discovering science fiction, I began writing science fiction stories. I knew immediately that what attracted me most to science fiction as a literary genre was the thrill and adventure of stories about humans discovering their place in the universe.

Charles de Lint
As a young reader of science fiction novels, I also quickly realized that I was not fully satisfied with any of the stories that I read, stories that had been written by people like Asimov, Norton, Heinlein, Le Guin, Clarke and Wilhelm. I suppose that is how new science fiction writers begin, wanting to write their own stories that go where nobody else has gone before and do it in a way that feels "right".

The Huaoshy pulped (source)
Lucky for me, writing stories has never been anything other than a fun hobby. Through my entire life I've frequently been horrified by stories about the pain and struggles of professional writers.

With the arrival of the internet I got the "pleasure" of seeing amateur writers agonizing online about their travails. I'm very happy that I've never faced a writing deadline or had to deal with the demand of a heavy-handed editor. I only write stories as a way of having fun, so writing is pure pleasure for me. And for me, it is great fun to let the ideas take control and use me as a medium for expression.

Hard Fantasy
I don't mind being the puppet of a muse or a chess piece being moved around by an alien master like the Huaoshy.

April A to Z
I don't really understand the point of the A to Z blogging challenge, but it seems like an example of how to purposefully turn yourself over to an arbitrary task master, similar to the way I tried to write a prime number of blog posts in April. Here is my retro-active A to Z blogging from April:
A - Absolutely Alien
B - Blogging 400: Hard Fantasy
C - iCondom
D - It's Groundhog Day, Again
E - The End of Eternity
F - Twitter Twentyfifteen
G - Grean
H - Hana's Husband
I - Isaac Asimov
J -Joining Time Travel and Aliens to The Asimov Reality
K - The Ekcolir Reality
L - Lendhalen
M - The Mysterious Maghy
N - The Planet Tar'tron
O - The Exode Trilogy at 3
Miners of Earth by Thomas
P - Parthney
Q - Queen Alicia Machina
R - Recursive Science Fiction
S - Science Fiction
T - Thomas Iwedon
U - The Huaoshy
V - Seldon, Vega and Nicotine
W - Gwyned
X - X-Files out of Darkness
Y - Ivory and Yrovi 
Z - Creating Zarabeth

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