May 31, 2015

The Last Fru'wu on Earth

Jack Vance
"Never push too hard at anything; it might start pushing back." - Namour Co-Clattuc

Last year I was sorting through an avalanche of information about the history of Humanity that had been provided to me by Ivory and her clone sisters.

Humans and Fru'wu as subtypes of Sedronite.
At that time, I became aware of the fact that an important part of the transition from the Ekcolir Reality to the world as we know it involved a reprogramming of the nanite endosymbionts that reside inside humans. I'm now able to better understand what Ivory tried to tell me because I've received additional information from Gohrlay.

Asterothrope female
According to Gohrlay, some Fru'wu were allowed to function as Interventionist agents on Earth in the Ekcolir Reality, right on up through the 20th century. However, after Ekcolir was sent back through time to initiate the Buld Reality, no more Fru'wu were allowed to come to Earth.

From then on, human Interventionists such as Parthney were trained at places like Lendhalen for missions to Earth and the other types of Interventionist agents became less and less important.

Off Topic
I hesitate to mention this, but I got into a big argument with Gohrlay about the definition of "human". Apparently Parthney is human because his biological father was an Ek'col. Of course, his biological mother was an alien (an Asterothrope), but Gohrlay says the Ek'col male was designed as a hybrid biological-artificial life form that is able to make certain that his children would meet the definition of "human" that is being enforced under the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact.

Artist's depiction of a Fru'wu
I've previously commented on the fact that it has been difficult to find confirmed and verifiable eyewitness accounts of what the Fru'wu look like. Some reports state that the Fru'wu are winged creatures and Gohrlay has confirmed the validity of those reports. Apparently the Fru'wu were genetically engineered to have wings that allowed them to fly in the thick atmospheres of some planets. However, on Earth, the Fru'wu wings are unable to produce enough lift to sustain flight, although a Fru'wu can jump off a cliff and safely glide to the valley floor below.

Vanth by ThaliaTook
Although no new Fru'wu agents were allowed to teleport to Earth during the past 20,000 years, there were a few Fru'wu Interventionists on Earth when the ban went into effect. One of these in particular stubbornly maintained residency on Earth until thons death about 2,000 years ago. Gohrlay says that all the Fru'wu who served on Earth were hermaphrodites, but they were often viewed as female by the humans who chanced to see them in their natural form.

Not many Earthlings ever saw the natural Fru'wu body form because the Fru'wu visitors to Earth were all equipped with nanites that allowed them to alter their appearance. Gohrlay says that Fru'wu wings are definitely mammalian wings, like bat wings, not the bird-like wings that are usually favored by Earthly artists when they create imagined winged creatures.

The Vanth-Vance Connection
Vanth, 400 B.C.E.
According to Gohrlay, the last Fru'wu on Earth was particularly well-known to the ancient Etruscans. The Fru'wu had long maintained a  human breeding program on Earth with the goal of producing human brains that would have the ability to use the Bimanoid Interface. The Vanth (also known to us by other names that were used in other cultures: Wánax, Ansu) collected human genetic material and gestated human embryos. Here I'll follow Gohrlay's lead and simply refer to the last Fru'wu on Earth as Vanth.

In the Ekcolir Reality, the Etruscan civilization flowered under Greek influence and there never was a Roman Empire. In the Buld Reality, time travel was used to put an end to the Etruscan civilization and this intervention resulted in the dominance of Rome.

Artist's conception of Luri.
Ivory previously tried to explain to me the importance of Luri and Thrukta and the roles they played as Interventionist agents. According to Gohrlay, Luri was "composed" by Vanth and could access the Sedronic Domain. Luri's oracle-like abilities began to attract the attention of the Overseers, so Thrukta had to remove Luri from Earth, but she later returned as an Interventionist agent.

Luri of Tamari by Anney Fersoni
When Vanth died, the Fru'wu effort to breed and protect some humans who could use the Bimanoid Interface was continued by the Nereid Interventionists. Apparently there was at least one Grendel still on Earth who accounts for the name "Vance" as we know it. Gohrlay insists that the reason John Vance was brought over from the Ekcolir Reality to the Buld Reality was because of his genetic makeup and ability to use the Bimanoid Interface.

Gohrlay says that Anney and the Dead Widowers extensively researched the methods that were used to put an end to the Etruscan civilization. However, they were not allowed to publish Luri of Tamari. There is some part of the story of the Fru'wu that is still being kept under wraps by the tryp'At. I sense that Gohrlay is protecting me by not telling me the whole story about Vanth's death.

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