Apr 24, 2016

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time travel
The Wikifiction Blog is now seven years old. Back in 2009 I began this blog as an exploration of how to use blogging to support collaborative fiction writing. Being a huge fan of hypertext and having previously explored how to use wiki software for collaborative writing, I was destined to make heavy use of hypertext links here at this blog.

In addition to hypertext, I like to include images in my blog posts. In 2009, the Blogger platform was not very convenient for adding images to blog posts. Blogger still has a primitive interface for creating blog posts. Maybe nobody at Google has ever heard of what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Well, as they say, you get what you pay for (Blogger is free). Thank you, Blogger, for 7 fun years during which I found an amazing group of science fiction writing collaborators.

Time Travel
Moon Hammer
One of my favorite science fiction plot elements is time travel. Back in 2009 I was still working hard to expand my Sci Fi comfort zone so that it would include time travel, telepathy and faster-than-light space travel. Since then, I've successfully accommodated myself to these three seemingly magical "future technologies".

Another measure of my innocence in 2009 is that, back then, I felt very daring for having written Isaac Asimov into one of my stories as a character. At that time I never imagined the extent to which the science fiction genre itself (and a large number of science fiction authors) would become central to the Exodemic Fictional Universe.

Dr. Shella Wye
In 2009 I had fun writing Moon Hammer. It is safe to say that I was then in the middle of a loooong love affair with the idea that there might be a hidden alien base on the Moon. Back then I never suspected how that simple idea might be a misleading distraction that concealed a more interesting and complex truth [ya, that's a teaser].

Fan Fiction
At the end of the first year of blogging I was rather desperately trying to find a collaborator who could help me with my great Sci Fi adventure: my investigation of the secret history of Earth. Going into the second year of this blog, my struggling investigation was derailed and I was suddenly much busier in the real world. I did not really get back to my science fiction sleuthing until early in 2012.

Promethean Rorschach Test
In 2012 I fully realized that writing fan fiction is a golden opportunity; it provides a convenient superhighway to the land of collaborative fiction writing. I allowed myself to fully surrender to my Fanfiction Disease. I started dabbling in Jack Vance fan fiction and I outlined a fan fiction sequel to Carl Sagan's Contact.

Another new direction for me in 2012 was the initiation of my Search for Interesting Hollywood Aliens. This led to what is the most visited blog post at the Wikifiction blog.

Another important blog post in 2012 was Adding Rooms to the Bottom. I was finally able to appreciate the implications of hierion and sedronic physics for artificial life in the universe.

In 2012 I started a major new project, Exode. At first, I did not imagine that Exode would grow into the Exode Trilogy.

Additional events from 2012.

In 2013 I realized that my "new" writing project, Exode, was actually part of a larger Sci Fi project that I had begun previously. Suddenly, I was forced to knit together the old and the new. In order to successfully pursue my investigation of Deep Time, I began thinking seriously about Reality Chains.

Gohrlay's Brain
In 2103 I found an important collaborator, Thomas Iwedon. I'd first met Thomas back when we were in college together.

At first, I was not fully aware of how Thomas had returned to my life. I now know that he passed some infites into my brain, allowing me to gain important new insights into how alien visitors to Earth had long worked to guide Humanity towards the stars. [yes, I wrote myself into Exode]

In 2013, I was still struggling to understand the role that Gohrlay played in our Reality Chain. It would be  another two years before I realized her fundamental importance from the First Reality right on to the Final Reality (the world as we know it).

Ivory's guide to Mayness
At the end of 2013 I began playing with the idea that there might be "multiple copies" of Asimov, one of whom could "jump" ahead into coming Realities.

Ivory Izhiun Irhit
In 2014 I began collaborating with Ivory Fersoni. Due to her connections to her clone sisters Angela and Anney, Ivory had vast knowledge of Deep Time and events in the other Realities of our Reality Chain. With the help of the Atlantis Clones I was able to make sense of the infites that I had previously received from Thomas. Sadly, Ivory was taken away before I made much progress interpreting the infites that I received from Izhiun. I now know much about Izhiun's life in the Andromeda Galaxy, but I seem to be actively blocked from understanding the role he played here on Earth leading up to First Contact.

My "third I" is Irhit, who originated as my analogue in the Ekcolir Reality and who now torments me by maintaining control of my replicoid. I must count Irhit as one of my collaborators even though "he" keeps very tight restrictions on my use of the Bimanoid Interface. It might well be that I would never have had any direct access to the Hierion Domain without the help of Irhit. I must put "he" in quotes because I've learned that women dominated the Ekcolir Reality and some hints from Gohrlay suggest that my analogue in that Reality might have been female.

Most recently, Gohrlay has been my collaborator. I should say "reluctant collaborator" because she thinks I'm wasting my time worrying about the details of Deep Time and how we humans got to where we are now.

Gohrlay and I continue to battle over her reluctance to provide an account of her first life back in the First Reality. Part of the problem is that the strange human society at Observer Base is difficult for me to comprehend. Gohrlay tells me incomprehensible stories about "Escapist" and "Numerist" factions among the Observers and I'm left with a spinning head and even more questions.

Next: science fiction from Deep Time: Black Sun.
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