Apr 8, 2015

Thomas Iwedon

the family of Thomas Iwedon
Thomas is an important character in the Exode Trilogy. He was born in the Ekcolir Reality as the son of Ekcolir and Trysta. As a hybrid who was genetically half Asterothrope and half Ek'col, it was hard for Thomas to live on Earth. Of course, Trysta provided him with a disguise. From the earliest moments of existence inside Trysta, Thomas was shaped and guided by Trysta's nanorobotic endoymbiont.

As an Asterothrope, Trysta had a strong reproductive instinct. That instinct was a design feature that had been carefully engineered by R. Gohrlay. The fate of Gohrlay is one of the big mysteries that still swirls around the Exode Trilogy, but I've come to suspect that it was Gohrlay who first discovered the Reality Chain that includes Thomas and the Buld Reality, the universe as w know it.

our Reality Chain
Trysta Iwedon was Gohrlay's tool, the secret agent from the far future who Gohrlay sent into the Primitive era of Earth's history in order win for the human species a chance to survive and spread between the stars. Trysta was sent through Time with only limited information about the new future for Earth that she would bring into being.

Within the Malansohn Reality, Trysta was given access to Reality Viewing technology that allowed her to look into the Foundation Reality. During her mission to destroy Eternity (as told in Asimov's The End of Eternity), Trysta used the cover name Noÿs Lambent.

Noÿs viewing Realities
She saw that she would have a happy life with Andrew Harlan after they arrived in the 20th century. Trysta traveled into the Primitive, equipped to have children, even though she would be the only Asterothrope in existence.

However, what Trysta did not know was that Ekcolir would come into her life. Ekcolir, an Ek'col, had been designed by the pek as their secret agent whose mission on Earth was to end the Time War. Just as Trysta had terminated the Malansohn Reality by taking advantage of Harlan's emotions, Ekcolir's strategy was to romance Trysta and impregnate her. At first, Trysta felt bad about "cheating" on Harlan, but after Harlan sacrificed himself to the Overseers, Trysta allowed herself to fall completely in love with Ekcolir and she gradually cam to recognize the cosmic importance of Thomas.

Some of the Thomas clones
Thomas was important for several reasons, the top two being:
1) he was the biological prototype for a group of clones who served as Interventionist agents on Earth and
2) Thomas became a fiction writer who played an important role it telling the secret history of Earth.

I've come to think of the "Thomas Clones" as a kind of Temporal Lubricant that facilitated the fine tuning of the Buld Reality. Grean faced the daunting task of making sure that we Earthlings would be ready to "welcome" the Buld when they arrived on Earth and made First Contact while at the same time, we had to be prevented from using our technological powers to destroy ourselves.

Blurb from the sidebar of this blog.
As a science fiction writer, Thomas became one of the most important authors who has collaborated with me to create the Exode Trilogy and tell the hidden history of the human species. I think of myself as "the Editor" of the Trilogy, because almost everything in the story originates not from my own personal experiences but, rather, from people such as Thomas.

Even before Thomas was born he had telepathic contact with his mother and he never had any doubt about his alien nature. Is Thomas human? I suspect that he is still alive and well and living here on Earth. During his gestation, Trysta's nanites shaped his body form into that of an Earthling. I believe that we could easily detect his alien gene patterns by sequencing his genome, but Thomas wants to live out his life on Earth without becoming a celebrity.

My whimsical depiction of
Thomas (left) and his clone,
Parthney (right)
I got a brief glimpse of Thomas about two years ago. Out of respect for his desire to remain hidden among Earth's vast population, I've habitually depicted Thomas as shown to the left, using computer-generated images.

From a young age, Thomas came to have a special relationship with Isaac Asimov. A collection of nanites that had long resided inside Asimov were transferred into Thomas. Those infites, along with what Thomas could learn from his mother, provided Thomas with a detailed understanding of how the Ekcolir Reality had been brought into existence. Furthermore, I believe that Thomas "benefited" from his own limited use of the Bimanoid Interface.

Thomas meets the real world
inspiration for Sessily Veder
I put "benefited" in quotes because of my personal resentment over the way that that contact between Earthlings and their replicoids in the Hierion Domain can guide our behavior and has been used to shape the history of Earth.

Although Thomas had to endure many painful years on Earth, eventually he did meet his soul mate, a woman who had been crafted just for him as a kind of reward for all his hard work and sacrifice.

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