Sep 9, 2017

Dark Nora

Several years ago, I received some reports from Anney Fersoni about the Interventionist agents who have recently worked on Earth to prepare humans for First Contact with aliens. And when I say "recently", I mean in the Buld Reality, just before the end of time travel, when Space Energy Missions was preparing Earth for the arrival of the Buld.

Buld spaceship on Earth
Among the "employees" of Space Energy Missions were Luri and Betty. Betty was "abandoned" by Luri when the Buld spaceship arrived and she joined the Dead Widowers.

Dark Nora
Most recently, Yōd has been sharing information with me that comes from her replicoid in the Hierion Domain. According to Yōd, Betty is a tryp'At who thinks of herself as Nora.

Zeta's Twist
I was previously informed that Betty was an artificial lifeform. At that time, I assumed that Betty was a femtobot. Now I must reconcile the ability of Betty to morph her physical structure with the fact that she was tyrp'At. Zeta has been trying to convince me that there is no reason to view a tryp'At composed of hierions as a contradiction. As Zeta put it, "Biological cells composed of atoms or biological cells composed of femtobots... what difference does it make?"

Seeing tryp'At
If the tryp'At are artificial life forms that we Earthlings can never distinguish from true, biological (composed of mainly hadrons; non-hierion structure except for Phari endosymbionts) humans then we must wonder: which residents of Earth have been (or still are) tryp'At?

While discussing the issue of "hidden tryp'At" with Zeta and Yōd, the unusual case of Carl Sagan popped into my head. Apparently Sagan was constructed and inserted into the timeline of Earth.

Originally, Gohrlay tried to work within the confines of the temporal inertia system that had been put into place "on" Earth by the positronic robots of Eternity. When the Huaoshy "caught up" with Gohrlay and developed their own time travel technology, the Time Travel War began. Because of their overall superiority in sedron-based technologies and zeptites, the Huaoshy were able to force Gohrlay into a compromise: the Trysta-Grean Pact. I've never seen a written description of the Pact, so there is a large amount of guess work and speculation concerning the terms of the Pact.

Yōd's Report from the Hierion Domain
Under the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact, the Huaoshy required that human behavior be constrained by a Bimanoid Interface. Gohrlay accepted that, as long as humans were free to spread between the stars and explore the galaxy. This fundamental conflict between the Huaohy demand that humans be under restraint and Gohrlay's wish that humans not be forced into the Sedronic Domain was a major challenge for Grean. According to Yōd, it was Grean who discovered the "tryp'At solution".

The tryp'At Solution
The tryp'At have a dual nature. The tryp'At cannot be distinguished from normal humans using tools available to we Earthlings. However, the tryp'At have a fully functional Bimanoid Interface. Yōd believes that the behavior of every tryp'At individual can ultimately be controlled by the Huaoshy. A small group of tryp'At have been "installed" as Earth Overseers.

Apparently Betty played a key role in establishing tryp'At control over Observer Base. When the Buld spaceship arrived at Earth, Betty was "sacrificed" to the old Overseers and taken to Observer Base. When the old Overseers "stepped down", Betty was there, positioned to take control of Observer Base and install the tryp'At as the new Earth Overseers.

Strangely, it was discovered that a stable Final Reality could only exist if the people of Earth were informed of the fact that the tryp'At Overseers were at work, monitoring the technological development of Earth. Within the confines of the Rules of Intervention, there was only one way to inform the people of Earth about their situation: the story of the Secret History of Humanity would have to be told as a fictional account. Apparently, doing so will allow humans to "function" successfully as space-faring hadronic creatures under the terms of the Pact.

Gohrlay's Twist
According to the information that Yōd has received from Eternity, Gohrlay was very concerned that the tyrp'At would become "the new Prelands" and eventually replace the humans of Earth. Thus, the tryp'At had to be designed with a special limitation: while they are indistinguishable from normal humans, that are not able to reproduce... they can only be "constructed". Yōd does not seem to know what it would mean to construct a tryp'At, but I suspect that there must be a process that can convert a normal human into a new tryp'At. It would be interesting to know who has the ability to make new tryp'At.

In any case, I cannot escape the suspicion that Sagan may have been tryp'At. Yōd insists that, if true, there would be implications of this that are hard to reconcile with history. I suspect that I previously knew more about how the life of Sagan had been designed and constructed -and for what purpose-. That knowledge may have been taken from me when I made my choice to remain here on Earth.

Georgia Miller
In the Ekcolir Reality. Original cover art by Virgil Finlay.
Yōd claims that research by her replicoid points to a set stories that were published in the Ekcolir Reality and which hint at a woman who might have been used as genetic "stock" for creating Sagan in the Buld Reality.

Miller's stories concerned the Grendels and their ability to alter the chromosomes of humans. Zeta suspects that Miller's analogue here in the Final Reality is Georgia Myrle Miller.

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