Mar 20, 2016

Fixed Points

Click image to enlarge. NGC 3521
Picture human history mapped out like a galaxy with each person represented in the map as a star. Most of the stars will be in orbit around the center of the galaxy and there might be a super-massive black hole at the center. Conceptualize the super-massive black hole at the center of a galaxy as a "fixed point".

About a year ago Anney Fersoni mentioned in passing that her clone sister, Ivory, functions as a Fixed Point in Time. In the context of what she was telling me, it is clear that Ivory had an important role in the overall shape of the Final Reality.

original cover art by Earle Bergey
Gohrlay has finally made me realize that some people are "fixed points" in that they existed in both the First Reality and the Final Reality. Six months ago I was vaguely aware of this possibility, but I mistakenly assumed that Gohrlay was special case for which a life had been arranged in the Final Reality.

For some reason, Gohrlay does not want to name the "true fixed points", famous individuals who have had an analogue in Realities from the First to the Final. However, this topic came up while I was questioning Gohrlay about the people who were science fiction writers in the First Reality at Observer Base.

My suspicion is that at least one famous science fiction writer known to us here in the Final Reality had an analogue (or partial analogue) in the First Reality. There must be an intriguing story about how that person became a fixed point in time, but for now Gohrlay refuses to discuss this topic.

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