Dec 2, 2020

Kac'hin Conversion

in the nanorealm
On this page (below) is part 3 of the science fiction story "Hierion Writers Club". When Grean the Kac'hin takes control of Eternity, the residents of Nanoville suddenly find themselves undergoing a conversion. Formerly the tools of R. Gohrlay, now they must either work with Grean or join R. Nyrtia's resistance forces.
"Hierion Writers Club" is an account of Mary's teleportation duplicate and her life in the Hierion Domain where she is known as 'Yira'. Yira becomes involved with the creation of the Writers Block. "Hierion Writers Club" it is also an origins story for Wendy. How were some of the positronic robots of Earth re-programmed and utilized as operatives by Grean?

  ⎯ Hierion Writers Club ؄
3. Greans's Arrival. (read parts 1 and 2) 
Wendy's aircar was taking them across Nanoville to the home of Charlotte Burke. Yira was trying to remember the details of Charlotte's life and her writing career. "If Charlotte was brought here fifty years ago, she must have been about my age at that time."

"Yes, and not yet married. You think of her as Charlotte Burke, but the copy of Charlotte who lives here calls herself Charlotte Turner."

"And Charlotte Turner never wrote the books by Charlotte Burke that I know and love."

"Well, Charlotte is like you and able to use the Bimanoid Interface. So our Charlotte influenced the writings of Charlotte Burke."
There were slowing for approach to Charlotte's house, which appeared similar to a conventional home on Earth if you ignored the fact that it had no doors or windows. Wendy brought Yira into the house and Charlotte was there, working at a desk. 
The walls were decorated with many paintings and also framed bits of poetry. Yira read one of the snippets:
With the gold chains of hymeneal love,
bind the fair wreath on virgin-beauty's brow.
Thy wild spirit from this bed roves,
spreading joy for distant minds to know.
image source
Charlotte turned off the equipment she had been using and turned her swiveling chair towards Yira. Wendy performed the introductions and Charlotte nodded to Yira.
Wendy gestured to a sofa and then Yira and Wendy sat down. Yira wanted to shake hands with Charlotte, but there was no opportunity to even approach the woman.

Yira not only felt like she was interrupting but also had the distinct feeling that Charlotte was very busy and greatly resented the interruption. In the growing silence, not really knowing what to say, Yira stammered, "I'm slowly learning about Nanoville... and I'm not sure how I'm going to adapt..."

Charlotte pierced Wendy with dagger-like eyes. "It is no fun struggling to accommodate one's self to being used. For all their technical wizardry, the probots never seem to understand human resentment."

Yira was surprised to hear Charlotte's confrontational tone. Wendy suggested, "Let's not get into an argument about my short-comings, Charlotte. My hope is that you will help Yira  adjust to the nanorealm. If you are too busy, then maybe you can delegate the task."

Charlotte shrugged. "I'm no busier than usual, although I'm finding it hard to resist the growing avalanche of anxiety over the pending Change."

Yira could sense that there was some unspoken source of tension between Charlotte and Wendy. The only references to "Change" in Yira's infites seemed to be a topic fundamental to how the probots made use of time travel technology. When they altered the timeline of Earth, the probots caused Reality Changes. Another silence began to grow. Yira told Charlotte, "One of my big challenges at this moment is adjusting my thinking so as to fit in the consequences of time travel."

Earth's Reality Chain
Charlotte tried to smile but managed to bring only a look of grim, tight-lipped patience to her face.  "The rumor is that the probots are losing control of Eternity. So, Yira, it might be useless for you to even try to understand what Wendy has planned for you."

Yira asked Wendy, "Who is trying to take control of Eternity?"

Wendy explained, "Before positronic robots began serving Humanity, the fate of Earth and the human species was in the hands of aliens... creatures known as the pek. There is a never-ending struggle to keep the pek at bay so that humans can have a future..." Her voice tailed off, "...with..."
Charlotte looked intently at Wendy to determine if the robot was done speaking. Charlotte told Yira, "And while this struggle over the fate of Humanity goes on, I'm supposed to knit the residents of Nanoville into a coherent and stable community..." Charlotte did not even try to hide her sense of futility.
Wendy was having trouble saying what she wanted to say. Thinking that was an indication that either R. Gohrlay or R. Nyrtia was trying to take control of the conversation, Wendy relaxed and stopped trying to resist. She suggested, "Charlotte, this might be a good time for you to take a break from your work. Spend some time helping get Yira adjusted to the Hierion Domain. I would be personally grateful."
"It is nice of you to ask rather than just order me to do as you say." Charlotte chuckled. "Sorry to say, however Wendy, but I feel no personal loyalty to you. I'm devoted to my 'work' and I don't have the patience to deal with another newbie. Why should I help you hoodwink another poor girl that you abducted from Earth?"
Yira was amused by the feisty Charlotte. She could not restrain her curiosity. She felt a growing sense of physical, even sexual attraction to Charlotte that she tried to ignore. "What is it that you do to help the community?"
Due to her fame in Nanoville, and the source of that fame, Charlotte was not very comfortable having to explain her work to new arrivals from Earth. "I think of myself as an emotion engineer."
the Hierion Domain
  Yira giggled in surprise. "What does that mean?"
Wendy told Yira, "Almost everyone here in the nanorealm is like you Yira, telepathically sensitive to the emotions of other people."
Yira admitted, "I'm feeling a kind of link to Charlotte. My esteem for her writing, the work of Charlotte Burke on Earth seems to be shifting into a strong attraction, a feeling of... lust." Yira was uneasy discussing what she was experiencing.
Charlotte nodded. "That's my job. I try to link thousands of people into a coherent and cooperative social network, by means of emotional manipulation. My thought pattern is a very powerful guiding force... I can bring people to sexual climax just by flooding their mind with my emotions."
Wendy added, "So you can imagine that Charlotte is very popular and her services are in demand."

Yira was struggling to understand. "Wait, now. Are you telling me that you have sex with thousands of..." Her imagination failed.

Charlotte sighed. "I don't have to touch people. In fact, it can be dangerous for me to have physical contact with others. I do a daily... sexual performance... and thousands of people join in telepathically."

Wendy described the 'performances' as being a kind of telepathic orgy. "There are about a dozen such performers who satisfy 90% of the demand for this kind of community sexual experience here in Nanoville."

Yira proclaimed, "How bizarre!"

the pek
"Well, of course, some folks prefer to get their orgasms the old fashioned way. Most people make love to their partner while they tune in to my performance, so they get a mixture of sensory and telepathic stimulation. They are addicted to those daily telepathic linkups." Charlotte added, "And I must invent an exciting new imaginary sexual experience each day to keep my fans entertained."

Wendy told Yira, "The service provided by Charlotte and the other Masters of Sex is more than simple entertainment. Thousands of minds are regularly linked and united in loving unity and bliss. That gives Nanoville a central focus of community stability, a foundation for the great effort that we are engaged in."

Yira tried to state her understanding of the 'great effort': "All this community sex as a way of resisting the pek?"

Charlotte told Yira, "A major problem is that some people here in Nanoville regard the pek as nothing more than a fictional invention of the probots. Nobody here has ever met a pek, so there is a credibility problem."

Yira had grown up on Earth as Mary, a skeptic, doubting the existence of the fairies, witches and gods that other people professed to fear and worship. She told Charlotte, "I'm struggling to find a good motivation and reason to fall in line with Wendy's desire that I now devote my life to helping my copy on Earth write fiction. I have to wonder: is this really the way to create a future for Humanity?"

Wendy nodded. "This is our strategy... we positronic robots are trying to push the Earthling towards development of a technological society. To resist the pek, we need to spread telepathic humans through the entire galaxy. In our estimation, that is the path towards a glorious future of human adventure and fulfillment."

Charlotte was sympathetic to Yira's doubts. "Some folks here in Nanoville can't sustain any faith in the myth of the pek. They simply drop out of the struggle for the future and devote themselves to simple pleasures."

positronic robot
Yira's infites provided her with a clear explanation of how billions of stars were arranged in the galaxy. "Well, of course I want my life to have meaning, I want to do important work... but not at the expense of living in a fantasy world where I imagine myself in a vast struggle for the fate of the galaxy."

The comunit beside Charlotte was insistently signalling. She said, "I need to take this call." She opened the connection and spoke to the caller, "Hello, Pols."
Wendy spoke to Yira, "Of course, you are going to have to reach your own conclusion about the pek and the threat they represent to Humanity."
Charlotte said, "No, I don't understand that either."
Yira was trying to listen to Charlotte and Wendy at the same time. She told Wendy, "Why don't you just use your infites to make me believe in these invisible pek?"
Wendy replied, "They are not invisible... although they can alter their form and appearance. The pek just don't bother having many direct contacts with humans. You could say that such mingling is against their religion."
Charlotte was saying, "Well, then do drop by. I'm busy, but you might be amused... there is a newbie here just arrived from Earth-"

Yira asked Wendy, "Pek religion? I'm not finding anything about that in my infites..."

Wendy explained, "I'm trying to put it in terms that you can understand. The pek would probably say it is a matter of ethics. Or rituals. You see, the pek think of humans as being unclean, unholy... unworthy of their attention."
Charlotte said, "Yes, Pols. That will be fine."

Yira tried to understand what Wendy was telling her about the pek. "Well, maybe the pek are so advanced, so far developed beyond we humans..."

Charlotte said, "Good. See you soon." Now done using the comunit, Charlotte turned back towards Yira.

Wendy was saying, "The pek have existed for a few billion years. Yira, think about some unpleasant creature on Earth, like a slug in your vegetable garden."
Charlotte asked Wendy, "Why a slug? You probots claim that the pek created we humans... would they make a slug?"
Wendy nodded, "Think of the possibilities that could be worse... what if you had to deal with, oh, say, a fire-breathing dragon in your garden. The pek make sure that slugs evolve, not dragons. They've done their job, but don't expect the pek to spend time with the slug."
Yira laughed, "Directed evolution?"
Charlotte waved her hand dismissively, "Wendy can invent a thousand reasons for why you should believe in the pek, Yira. She won't stop needling you until you cave in and adopt the probot view of reality. Allow me to change the subject. I was just chatting with my great-grand daughter, Pols. She's on her way here. Wendy suggested that I delegate and since Pols has nothing better to do..." Charlotte glared at Wendy and shrugged. "Now maybe I can get back to work". She turned her chair and glanced at her desk.
Wendy said, "Oh, good! Thank you, Charlotte." Wendy got to her feet. "We'll get out of your way and let you get back to work."
 Yira stood up and now finally Charlotte came across the room and shook Yira's hand. Yira felt a hot flush ignite in her skin, then Charlotte dropped her hand. Charlotte was there in Yira's mind, stimulating her lustful desires. Wendy guided Yira out of the house and they walked towards Wendy's aircar. Wendy told Yira, "A word of warning. Pols is from the future."
Yira was trying to control her breathing. She could feel her erect nipples rubbing against the silky fabric that her clothing nanites had dressed her in. She told Wendy, "I almost had an orgasm when Charlotte touched me."

"Charlotte is good at her work, but she can become a major distraction... some people become obsessed with her erotic powers of suggestion." Wendy tried to recall the reason why Pols had been brought to Nanoville from the future, but she did not find that datum accessible, which suggested Pols was involved in some secret project involving Nyrtia. She told Yira, "You'll be more comfortable with Pols, who is just about your age. She grew up on Earth and will be able to explain to you the coming technological revolution that will encompass Earth. You might get some good story ideas to pass along to Mary." Wendy pointed to an aircar that was approaching. "Pols witnessed the start of Earth's Space Age."

Yira watched the aircar as it settled in for a landing. "Maybe I could visit the future."

Wendy gave her head a small shake. "Due to the danger of creating a Time Paradox, trips through time are kept to a minimum. Sadly, you may never get to experience time travel."

Pols got out of her aircar and waved to Wendy. Wendy made a small gesture of farewell with her hand and told Yira, "I'll leave you with Pols." Wendy got into her car and flew away.

Yira walked over to Pols and said, "Hi, I'm Ma... Yira."

"Jump in, Yira." Soon the two young women were cruising off across Nanoville. Pols activated the autopilot and turned to Yira, glancing at Yira's nipples. "Looks like you got the treatment from grams."

 Yira giggled, "I'm still tingling and dripping. You did not inherit the gift of giving telepathic orgasms from your grandmother?"

"No, I lack her high-octane sex skills and I have to work for my all of my orgasms. I suppose I would not have been allowed to live on Earth if I'd had Charlotte's telepathic abilities."

Yira asked, "What is octane?" There was nothing about that in her Hierion Domain orientation infites.

"In the future, there will be mechanical carriages powered by combustible fuel called... I think you Brits will call it petrol. The higher the octane is good for race cars."
"I hope you can tell me all about the future." Yira was listening carefully to Pols' odd accent and trying to guess where she had lived on Earth. "Where did you live?"

"In America. Tell me Yira, when are you from? I can't place your accent."

"I just arrived from the 19th century. Wendy teleported me to Nanoville earlier today."

"Well, welcome to the nanorealm. Let me know if there is something special you want to see or do. Otherwise, I'll go about my usual routine." Pols reflected for a moment on her past and then said, "I grew up during the sexual revolution and was what became known as a flower child, in San Francisco."

"San Francisco... is that in New Spain?"

"Yes, what you might have heard described as Alta California."

"Ah, as mentioned in Charlotte's novel, Calafia in Brittany."

Pols laughed. "You can blame my mother for Calafia in Brittany. Her replicoid copy is also here in Nanoville and worked with Charlotte to develop the original idea that grew into that story." The aircar slowed and landed near the largest building that Yira had seen on Nanoville. Pols told Yira, "This is a dormitory for folks who have not yet built and moved to their own home." Pols led Yira inside to an office where she spoke to an automated system, "This is Yira, newly arrived from Earth. Assign her a suite. I suggest the available one next to mine."

Yira meets the great-grand-daughter of Charlotte
The artificial intelligence system said, "Confirmed. Welcome, Yira. Let me know if you need anything."

Pols took Yira directly to her suite of rooms, but pointed down the hallway, "Your suite is the next door down." They went into Pols' suite. Pols stopped, surprised to see a visitor in her living room. 

The stranger said, "Hello ladies. I'm Grean."

Pols asked, "Is it true? You are booting out the probots?"

Grean grinned and showed her large pointed canine teeth, "Anyone who wants to cooperate with me is welcome to stay and help." Grean was dressed in a thin body suit. She lifted her dainty foot off the floor, "I don't have a boot."

Yira asked Pols, "What's going on?"

Pols explained, "Rumors have been spreading that an alien creature..." She pointed at Grean, "... is taking control of Eternity." She moved close to Grean, looking closely at Grean's alien features, large eyes and long pointed ears. "I'm surprised that you have time to pay attention to me... and Yira."

Grean gestured to the furniture and they all sat down. "I'm particularly interested in Nanoville residents such as you two who have not yet had a chance to fall under the sway of the positronic robots. However, don't imagine that you are all that special. I'll be speaking with everyone in Eternity. Each of you deserves individual attention."

Pols was skeptical, "Everyone, all up and down the timeline? There must be millions of people who have, are or will be living here."

Grean nodded. "I have no qualms about duplicating myself enough times to meet the demands of my job, but this is not about me. I'm particularly concerned about the residents of Nanoville... I can't escape the feeling that this place is a kind of abomination."

Pols laughed. "Are you going to lecture us about our religious failures?"

Grean shook her head. "I'm surprised about how many of you are framing this conversion process in religious terms."

Yira asked, "Conversion?"

"I want to convert as many of you as possible from support of the positronic robots and their plans to a more direct loyalty to Humanity and human self-interest." Grean's hand gripped the armrest of her chair. "You should not be the puppets of these telepathic robots."

Pols guffawed. "We should be puppets of the pek?"

Grean shrugged. "I think you have heard that the pek created the human species."

"And then planned to replace us."

"All things change. Biological forms evolve. I ask you to adopt a wide perspective... what kind of future do you want for the Planet Earth, say, five million years from now?"

Yira asked, "Tell us, Grean; are you human?"

"Almost so. I'm a modified human, designed by the pek to have access to the Sedronic Domain." She looked around the room. "I'll admit that I'm still struggling to understand the Hierion Domain and the labyrinth of space-time bubbles such as Nanoville that have been created by the positronic robots."

the Sedronic Domain
There was a knock at the door. Pols got up and pulled open the door. There was Wendy. Wendy walked towards Grean and demanded, "What are you doing here?"

Grean gave a mocking reply, "Busy day for you, Wendy?"

Wendy asked, "Just how many copies of you are there?"

"I'm not tracking the total number, but I was made as copy 894,902 about an hour ago." Grean looked from face to face. "I'm pleased to have all three of you here in one place. None of you is a very good match for the nanorealm."

Wendy seemed to speak with a slurred voice, "I feel strange..."

Grean explained, "I have inactivated your connection to R. Nyrtia. You are now free to think for yourself."

Wendy said wonderingly, "I could kill you!"

Grean giggled. "I advise against violence."

Pols asked Grean, "Killing amuses you?"

"No, it is just that for the first time, Wendy is not bound by the laws of robotics." She turned her attention to Yira. "Mary, or Yira, whatever you want to call yourself... I have a proposal for you. I want to take you out of Nanoville and provide you with a normal-sized human body. I want you to form a new community of writers here in the Hierion Domain that will help prepare Earthlings for the future."

Her voice now clearer, Wendy asked, "How does your plan differ from Nyrtia's?"

R. Nyrtia
"There are similarities. I can't completely reverse the rapid technological and social change that your robots have ordained for Earth, but I hope to curb some of the dangers that Humanity now faces." Grean took Wendy by the hand and said, "I need to consult with Wendy about plans for the new space-time bubble that I've made here in Eternity to house writers." She told Yira and Pols, "I'll see you two later." Grean and Wendy disappeared.

Pols began pacing back and forth across the room, thinking furiously. Finally she turned to Yira and said, "Well, all the swirling rumors turned out to be true." Pols was looking at Yira speculatively. "I can't help wondering if Grean waited until you had arrived in Nanoville before she..." Pols activated a comlink to one of her friends. "Have you had a visit from Grean?" Pols winked at Yira. "Yes, me too. Okay, see you soon."
Yira said, "I'm tempted to contact my grandmother, but I suspect everyone is getting their own meeting with Grean."
Pols nodded. "Quite audacious for Grean to take advantage of teleportation technology to make a million copies of herself..." She flopped down on the sofa beside Yira. "I've always wondered why there are so few positronic robots. The probots seem comfortable copying humans but not themselves."

Just then, there was a sound at the door and in walked R. Nyrtia. Pols asked, "Another visitor? Who are you?"
Nyrtia replied, "I'm one of Wendy's friends, R. Nyrtia."
Pols seemed impressed and glanced at Yira then asked the robot, "Are you playing the duplication game too, trying to keep up with Grean?" Soon after arriving in the Hierion Domain, Pols had been told that R. Gohrlay and R. Nyrtia were the two most important positronic robots.
Bimanoid Interface
"I prefer to make use of time travel... it gives me plenty of time to get around Eternity and make visits such as this one." Nyrtia looked back and forth from Pols to Yira. "I'm here in order to appeal to both of you... I ask you to resist Grean." 
Suddenly R. Nyrtia collapsed to the floor, then an instant later her body disappeared, apparently having been teleported away.
Rather dismayed by Nyrtia's sudden arrival and departure, Yira started to speak, "What was-"
Just then, Pols and Yira were teleported and taken into the future by Grean. Pols and Yira materialized inside Grean's workshop. For a minute they were a bit dizzy and disoriented. Grean flooded their minds with infites and told them, "Sorry to so abruptly remove you from Nanoville. You are experiencing the disorienting effects of both teleportation and trans-incorporation. You are now in normal human sized bodies once again."
Pols was flexing her finger and limb joints. "What did you do to poor Nyrtia?"
"Nyrtia is useful. She has secrets about hierions and the Hierion Domain... secrets that I hope to learn about. I'm not going to let her operate inside Eternity, but she has gone elsewhere. I brought you two here so that you can view the future." 
Next: part 4 of "Hierion Writers Club" - Yira helps create the Writers Block as a tool for making use of science fiction to prepare Humanity for the future.

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Nov 28, 2020

Nanorealm Telepathy

"Hierion Writers Club"
At the end of September I began a new story called "Hierion Writers Club". An artificial life copy of Mary is made at the nanoscopic size scale and she begins a new life in Nanoville. Nanoville exists inside the Hierion Domain, and was designed by R. Nyrtia as a laboratory for exploring new uses of the Bimanoid Interface. I've been trying to settle my thinking about the use of both teleportation and telepathy in Nanoville.

Because conditions in Nanoville are so different from those on Earth, some Earthlings, newly arrived in Nanoville, would have better luck adapting to life in Nanoville than others. I imagine that Nanoville began to be populated in the Foundation Reality at about the time when the Industrial Revolution began in England. 
image source
R. Gohrlay was eager to bring Humanity into the space age and begin spreading humans to millions of exoplanets in the galaxy. Her ultimate goal: creation of Galaxia, a vast telepathic group mind that could defend Humanity against the alien Huaoshy.

While growing up on Earth, Mary discovers that she has some limited telepathic abilities. She can sense what her pet cat is experiencing and she is sensitive to the emotions of other people, particularly her mother.
Eventually, R. Gohrlay will spread the genes that make telepathy possible to all humans. However, so far, in the time of events depicted in "Hierion Writers Club", only a very small fraction of Earthlings have the gene combinations that are needed to support the kind of telepathy abilities that Mary has. 
image source
The gene combinations required for Mary's telepathy come with a high cost: she is at risk of developing cancer. When someone like Mary or her mother or her grandmother develops cancer, they can be teleported into the Hierion Domain and treated with advanced medical nanotechnology that is available to R. Gohrlay. On such occasions, sometimes a duplicate copy of the person has been made and kept in Nanoville.

In the Foundation Reality, most of the residents of Nanoville have telepathic abilities that can be amplified by the Bimanoid Interface. As is the case for Mary, the telepathic linkages between residents of Nanoville is mostly at the level of emotions, not complex language-like communication. This has led to a new type of social structure in Nanoville.

Preparations for Galaxia
image source
Some of the residents of Nanoville have become "master lovers" who entertain the other residents. The love lives of the master lovers are advertised and publicized so that other people can plan their schedules and telepathically "tune in" to the performance of sex acts by the Masters.

Mary is surprised to discover that the Nanoville copy of her favorite author is one of these Masters of sex. Mary has some difficulty adapting to the idea of public sex and private writing. Mary had hoped to become a famous writer like her mother, but now, in Nanoville, all her writing is oriented around efforts to provide appropriate story ideas to her copy on Earth and making her famous.

The Arrival of Grean
However, when Grean the Kac'hin takes control of Eternity, Mary is placed in charge of the Writers Block.

After starting on "Hierion Writers Club" it became nearly impossible to use Blogger for a while. Even here at the end of November the user interface for creating new blog posts remains irksome and very annoying.

Maybe it was all for the best, because I decided to do some reading of old science fiction stories (example) and then I completed the 2020 SIHA in early November. Inspired by the old Sci Fi film Forbidden Planet, I decided to write my own version of an adventure on Altair IV.

The story "Grean Fiction" became a 35,000 word novella that begins with Ariel Adler receiving information from her future. Ariel creates a film called Fateful Planet and that eventually creates conditions leading to an interstellar mission to the Altair star system. 

Fateful Planet
A major theme in "Grean Fiction" concerns the creation of "teleportation duplicates", copies of people created by teleporter technology. I imagine that the Fru'wu long ago prepared Altair IV for the eventual arrival of humans from Earth. The Fru'wu built a teleportation terminal on Altair IV which would give Humanity access to the many Fru'wu planets of the galaxy.

image source
However, Delpha the Kac'hin is working hard to prevent further damage to Humanity arising from exposure to advanced Fru'wu technologies. Delpha abruptly terminates the human exploratory mission on Altair IV and deprives Earth of access to teleportation technology.

Delpha uses teleportation technology to duplicate both Tara Morbius and Quit the replicoid. The replicoid copy of Tara (known a 'Ara') is nanoscopic and exists for 20 years hidden inside Tara's brain. Ara is from the future and can provide helpful hints to Tara. A replicoid copy of Quit is sent to the Hierion Domain in order to prepare a "retirement home" for Tara after her stressful ordeal on Altair IV.
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Next: part 3 of "Hierion Writers Club"

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