Jun 21, 2009

New License, new Text Editor, new Collaboration

New License. A funny thing happened on the way away from the forum. Back in April I saw no evidence that Wikia would switch from the GFDL to the CC-BY-SA license, but the switch did take place (switched to CC-BY-SA).

People can do a
Google search for "free" content
. For example, this blog comes up if you search for free content on the web that mentions the story VirileMail. Hopefully Fiction Wikia pages will start showing up in such searches soon.

New Text Editor
. Another change for the Fiction Wikia is that a rich text editor is now available. Hopefully this will help make it easier for people to participate at the Fiction Wikia.

New Collaboration. Fiction Wikia has long had One-word-at-a-time. We recently started One-paragraph-at-a-time. The first story being made using this format is I'm not you.

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