Nov 2, 2014

The Phasian Elf

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A week ago I started working on illustrations for the Sessily Trilogy. Here I describe an illustration that is taken from an imaginary account of two Prelands who visited the temple complex at Phasi during the Trysta's time travel mission into our past, about 10,000 years ago.

Imagine an account of events at Phasi as written by Ivory Fersoni, a story call The Phasian Elf. Ivory's story would describe how two Preland visitors to Earth "helped" Trysta create the the Flood myth that eventually led to the biblical story of Noah.

Of course, Trysta did not need their "help". But shit happens.

Model: Rhea (source)
©2012-2014 skydancer-stock
To make this illustration I used three stock images from the DeviantArt website. To depict the Preland named "Noah", I used an image from Marion Skydancer (image to the left). Prelands are hermaphroditic aliens, but humans tend to see them as females. Noah was specifically crafted so as to have a near-human appearance.

The Elf
LOTR (source)
The other Preland at Phasi was a Preland Overseer. Preland Overseers were not designed to interact with humans. Preland Overseers did have shapeshifting abilities and the ability to take on a human appearance, but  they often came from the planet Hemmal where the Prelands have a natural "elfish" appearance. To make my "Preland elf" I used "Elf 15" by "chirinstock" (image to the right).

by Michael Finley (source)
I wanted to show Noah and the Elf taking control of cloud formation at Phasi. Noah was trying to help Trysta convince the local primitives that the level of the Black Sea would rise and flood Phasi. Realizing that Trysta's logical description of water flowing from the ocean into the Sea made no sense to the residents of Phasi, Noah wanted to put on a dramatic display of rainfall.

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The image shown to the left was used to provide the Elf with a dramatic visual display of power! I used a computer-generated image that is a type of fractal art. The original image is called "Solar Flare of an Eclipse" by Michael Finley.

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