Jan 12, 2013

Mission to Andromeda

apology to Mr-Kelvin
I previously revealed some of the secret history of humanity such as the fact that Kach is sent to Earth by the Nereids. Kach and Parthney are the two main characters in Exode. The story Exode takes place in our time, but the story was set in motion long ago. The Nereids are a humanoid species that originated on a planet in the Andromeda galaxy. Closer to home and with a more intimate relationship to humans are the alien Fru'wu. After 10,000 years of helping to develop a technological civilization on Earth, the Fru'wu are nervous that humanity might face the same fate as the Fru'wu: the self-destruction of their home world in a technological disaster.

However, it is not at all clear why the budding civilization if the Fru'wu home world came to an end. The subgroup of Fru'wu who are collaborating with the human Interventionists have received a helping hand from another Fru'wu population that was "cultured" by the Nereids on a planet in the Andromeda galaxy. The surviving Fru'wu have no first hand knowledge about the cause of the destruction of the Fru'wu civilization on their home planet.

Did the Fru'wu home world destroy itself or was it pushed into oblivion by the Nereids? Are the Nereids now pushing human civilization on Earth towards destruction?

The Buld have had contact with three different groups of Fru'wu:

1) The first contact with Fru'wu that is recorded in Buld written history occurred about 20,000 years ago, but oral tradition and myths of the human population of the Galactic Core suggests that there were even earlier contacts. Shortly after that first recorded contact, the Pla came into existence as a group of Buld who were free from the influence of pek nanites. Among the Buld, belief developed that these "first Fru'wu" were from the Fru'wu home planet and that they were free of pek influences. That period of first contact was of short duration.

2) About 15,000 years ago a new group of Fru'wu came into contact with the Buld. These Fru'wu had been "cultured" by the pek on worlds of the Galactic Core, much like the Buld. It is these Fru'wu who were able to share with the Buld the location of Earth. With Fru'wu assistance, the Buld learned how to build a spaceship and send it to Earth, a journey that would take about 15,000 years (traveling at just below the speed of light). Among the Buld, a common belief is that the location of Earth had also been given to the Buld at first contact with the Fru'wu. According to legend, this sharing of information had angered the pek who then destroyed the budding civilization of the Fru'wu home world. Fearing punishment by the pek, these "second Fru'wu" have secretly maintained a working relationship with the Pla for the past 15,000 years.

3) About 10,000 years ago a third group of Fru'wu came into contact with the Buld. Long ago, some Fru'wu had been taken to the Andromeda Galaxy by the Nereids. These Fru'wu in the Andromeda Galaxy developed their own unique culture and eventually arrived in our Galactic Core, traveling in an advanced spaceship that could travel faster than the speed of light. They went to Earth and installed a teleportation terminal that could be used to send humans from the Galactic Core to Earth. This is when a sustained program of human Intervention into the affairs of Earth began. Contact with these Fru'wu from the Andromeda galaxy has only been in the form of intermittent periods of short duration. Occasionally Fru'wu from the Andromeda galaxy arrive in our galaxy. Sometimes they take passengers back to the Andromeda galaxy, passengers who are never heard from again.

Exode is the story of the what happens when the Buld spaceship completes its 15,000 year journey to Earth. The first part of Exode tells the story of how Parthney goes to Earth as an Interventionist agent and is captured by Overseers. When Parthney is rescued and returned to the Galactic Core, he finally has his chance to meet the Fru'wu (Group #2, above) and learn about their concern that the 7,000,000 year old pek program of observing Earth will be terminated when the Buld reach Earth. Both the Observers and the Overseers will be removed from their secret base on the Moon, leaving the Earthlings to fend for themselves.

Worried that Earthly civilization might self-destruct, the Fru'wu have been trying to re-establish contact with the Nereids. The Fru'wu who have the FTL spaceship that can return to the Andromeda galaxy (group #3 above) report that during the past thousand years, the Fru'wu passengers from Earth's galaxy who have repeatedly tried to make contact with the Nereids were never heard from again. It is hoped that humans might more effectively plead the case for obtaining help from the Nereids. Parthney is invited to go to the Andromeda galaxy in an attempt to get help from the Nereids. Worried that he is not actually an Earthling and therefor not the best person to represent Humanity on this mission to make contact with the Nereids, Parthney suggests that an Earth human go along to the Andromeda galaxy. At this time, Hana is studying the Fru'wu and trying to understand Genesaunt civilization. Parthney and Hana, who met on Earth, are reunited, but Hana does not trust Parthney, believing that Parthney killed her husband.

While Parthney was in training for his mission to Earth, he lived with Gwyned Iwedon, an Earth woman, in the Koly system. He decides to ask Gwyned to go to the Andromeda galaxy. The Fru'wu (group #3, above, with a FTL spaceship) take Parthney back to the Koly star system, but fearing exposure and punishment of their Interventionist cell, the Pla who trained Parthney refuse to renew contact with him. Pla'va leads Parthney to Kach and soon Kach and her son Boswei are aboard the Fru'wu spaceship. Kach is very interested in trying to make contact with the Creators and she agrees to go to the Andromeda galaxy. Kach and Boswei have always been infected by pek nanites and their nanites can spread to other people. Hana's brain becomes infected by the type of pek nanites that are used on Hemmal. Pathney's brain also becomes re-infected.

pek: artificial lifeforms
Parthney re-establishes the type of cognitive resonance that he previously experienced with Kach when they first met on Hemmal. Kach informs Parthney that Boswei is his son.

Due to her genetic makeup, Hana was one of the rare humans on Earth with a brain that was not infected by the type of pek nanites used on Earth. Her freedom from nanites on Earth eventually led to her decision to leave Earth and it was Parthney who teleported her off of Earth. Now, in the Koly star system, Hana for the first time experiences nanite-mediated cognitive resonance with people. Hana and Boswei establish a particularly strong nanite-mediated cognitive connection.

This is the start of Part 2 of Exode. Parthney, Kach, Boswei, Hana, Steph and Muchlo are taken by the Fru'wu to the Andromeda galaxy where they hope to make contact with the Nereids. Will the Nereids act to help protect the people from Earth or are they perfectly satisfied to make Earthlings responsible for their own fate?

by Dony Tamazone
The Fru'wu express doubts about the wisdom of allowing the two pek (Muchlo and Steph) to come along to the Andromeda galaxy. Muchlo denies that the pek would ever try to speed the people of Earth towards destruction and blames the Nereids for interfering in the pace of technological development on Earth. Muchlo says it is up to the Nereids to decide if they will back off: they could still prevent the Buld from making first contact with Earth.

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