Apr 6, 2013

Google’s Next Killing Spree

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A few says ago I was looking back at an old blog post and I noticed that the font size changed several times in the middle of a paragraph. Of course, in Blogger's "what you see is not what you get" interface, using the "Compose" editing view there was no indication of the font changes. I clicked on the "HTML" button and found this:

3 months, no buzz
hear no evil
As shown above, the HTML code for that blog post was full of hundreds of bogus formatting commands. I don't like to complain about Google's Blogger software since it is free and mostly painless to use, but WTF?

Today I was suddenly logged out of Blogger. Upon logging in I was greeted with a message about "welcome to the new design" or some such "news" about the Blogger interface. Every day that I use Blogger I'm amazed that this service has not been terminated by Google.

Go here and read Ryan Tate's explanation of why Blogger is likely to be terminated by Google's current CEO.

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In 2013-2014 Google discontinued Orkut (2004 -2014), Google Schemer (2011-2014), Google Reader (2004-2013), IGoogle (2005-2013) and Google Postini Services (2007-2013). 

June 30, 2014 - "Over the past decade, YouTube, Blogger and Google+ have taken off. Because the growth of these communities has outpaced Orkut's growth, we've decided to bid Orkut farewell." -Google engineering director Paul Golgher

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