Aug 31, 2013

Grean and the Kac'hin

Within the Exode Trilogy, Grean first appears in The Foundations of Eternity, literally popping into the story as the first clue to readers that the Huaoshy can travel through time. Grean is the third Kac'hin who appears in the story: everyone else mistakenly believes that they are members of the "Huaoshy species". In fact, the Kac'hin are a human variant that was designed and crafted to function as an "interface" through which the Huaoshy can deal with the unusual situation that exists on Earth.

In Trysta and Ekcolir, the second book in the trilogy, Grean and Trysta use advanced Huaoshy Reality viewing technology to search for an alternative Reality that both Trysta and the Huaoshy can agree upon.

Thomas left, Parthney right
When viewing Realities, Trysta can see her son Thomas with Kach together at Observer Base on the Moon. They are making plans to terminate the "Nereid mission" on Earth. Putting an end to Nereid Interventionism on Earth is a major historical event that must come to pass according to the terms of the negotiated agreement between Trysta and the Huaoshy.

Grean realizes that he and Trysta have actually seen "two copies" of Thomas on the Moon. The "second Thomas" is actually a clone of Thomas.

Hilde at the Space Energy
Missions headquarters.
Grean must travel back in time and initiate a program by which clones of Thomas are created and trained for missions on Earth.

Eventually, Parthney becomes the last in a series of "Thomas clones" who are sent to Earth as Interventionist agents.

Kach and her clone
While viewing Realities, Trysta sees Kach die in a raid on the "Nereid compound" on Earth. Kach appears to die in a teleporter accident while she acts to prevent agents of the Nereids from teleporting away to safety.

Grean realized that what they have seen in the Buld Reality is actually the death of a clone of Kach (Lycaun). Grean makes arrangements for Kach's grandson, Izhiun, to go to Earth with a clone of Kach. The clone dies, but Kach is transported off of Earth.

Grean's galaxy - art by Boris Vallejo
When the Buld spaceship arrives at Earth, the Overseers at Observer Base on the Moon discontinue their efforts to prevent Interventionist agents from operating on Earth. However, some of the Observers are "promoted" to form a new Overseer team that will operate according to new rules, allowing the Buld to interact with humans on Earth. Further, the new Overseers of Earth will not attempt to prevent Earthlings from becoming aware of the fact that the human species was designed and created by the pek.

The Foundtions of Eternity
Hooski, Ayoost, Grean, Kach and the Kach clone Lycaun  are the Kac'hin that I've already written into the Exode Trilogy. I'll need to introduce one more Kac'hin who can interact with Izhiun on Luk'ru. I've been tempted to also have this additional Kach'in be present on Earth, possibly piloting the spaceship that takes Izhiun from the Andromeda galaxy to Earth.

However, I've also been trying to decide on the nature of the communication that Kach has with the Huaoshy when she is in the Solar System. It might be that the Huaoshy can use Kach as their "bimanoid interface" during the end game climax on Earth. If so, then Izhiun and the "Kach clone" could simply be teleported to Observer Base with no need to arrive in the presence of the "fifth Kac'hin".

My major concern about having Kach and her clone being the only Kac'hin present on Earth during the end game of Exode is that Kach is a "false Kac'hin". I have not yet come to a decision about just how efficiently a false Kac'hin can communicate with the Huaoshy. It might be asking too much of Kach to have her "channel" the Huaoshy during the end game, but I like this option.

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