Aug 13, 2013

5 Realities

This is the second of three related blog posts. In the first I reflected on the origin of the science fiction story Exode. Here I explain the role of time travel in the backstory of Exode. In the third post I'll provide a timeline for events in Exode.

The science fiction novels The Foundations of Eternity and Exode span across five Realities. Exode takes place entirely within the Buld Reality, which is the universe as we know it.

The Foundations of Eternity is a fanfiction sequel to Asimov's novel, Foundation and Earth. It also shows events leading up to Asimov's time travel novel The End of Eternity.

Asimov hinted at the idea that positronic robots were involved in the discovery and utilization of time travel. The Foundations of Eternity presents the story of the creation of the first humaniform positronic robot: R. Gohrlay. The mysterious physical properties of positrons allow the positronic robots to develop some amazing technologies, including time travel technology.

R. Gohrlay and a few other positronic robots find themselves in a struggle for the fate of Humanity. Those robots are hehaviorly constrained by the programming of their positronic brains: they must prevent harm from being done to Humanity.

R. Gohrlay objects to the fact that mysterious aliens have been secretly watching Earth and shaping the evolution of humans. Those aliens created the human species, but they also plan to replace we humans and hand Earth over to the Prelands. The robots attempt to use time travel technology to form a perfected human civilization on Earth and protect Humanity from the aliens.

Five Realities
However, as described by Asimov in The End of Eternity, it is discovered that the mere existence of time travel inevitably leads to the extinction of the human species. Using Noÿs Lambent, a woman from the far future as their tool, the positronic robots eliminate Eternity, the time travel device of Earth.

Malansohn Reality
Traveling back in time to the 1930s, Noÿs and Andrew cause a Reality Change that prevents Eternity from coming into existence. Asimov referred to the Reality that was ended by Noÿs and Andrew as the Malansohn Reality. Noÿs wanted to create a new Reality in which humans would quickly develop nuclear power and interstellar space travel and spread Humanity to millions of planets in our galaxy.

Foundation Reality
I call the Reality that was brought into existence by Noÿs the Foundation Reality. The events of the Foundation Reality were described by Asimov in the many stories of his Foundation Series and related "future history" in some of the stories in his Robot Series.

Bliss and Pel
The Foundations of Eternity is a story that provides a fanfiction sequel to Asimov's Foundation and Earth by expanding on the idea hinted at by Asimov: that there are aliens "out there", beyond our own galaxy, waiting...watching. Who are these mysterious aliens?

The Foundations of Eternity and Exode are set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe. About a billion years ago an alien species, not too different from we humans, evolved on a distant planet and began spreading from galaxy to galaxy. The alien Huaoshy, or at least their artificial life devices (known by various names such as "orbho" and the pek), reached Earth about 7,000,000 years ago and began guiding the evolution of primates, resulting in the creation of we humans.

The orbho maintained a secret base under the surface of the Moon from where they watched Earth. R. Gohrlay ejected the orbho from Observer Base and eventually the orbho and other elements of Genesaunt Civilization retreated entirely from our galaxy, unable to thwart the mysterious power wielded by the positronic robots.

The Huaoshy began a waiting game and tried to understand the mystery of Earth by making use of the Kac'hin, the human variant that was best adapted for interaction with the Huaoshy. Occasionally the Kac'hin sent exploration missions back to our galaxy, but little could be learned about Gohrlay and the positronic robots.

Thousands of years later, when Galaxia was nearing completion, the Kac'hin finally realized that positronic brains make possible a form of telepathy. By this time, the Huaoshy had developed their own science of positronics. Equipped with the technological tools to disrupt positronic brain function, Captain Hooski of the Kac'hin was sent on a mission to Earth.

At first it seemed that Hooski and his crew defeated Daneel and the other positronic robots who had brought Galaxia into existence. However, Daneel was the "public" face of positronics shown to the Kac'hin by Gohrlay. R. Gohrlay simply made use of time travel to go back in time and thwart Hooski's attempt to return to the Huaoshy control of Observer Base on the Moon.

However, R. Gohrlay had finally tipped her hand and the Kac'hin now realize that Gohrlay had time travel technology. The Huaoshy expanded their science of positronics and developed their own time travel technology, including the ability to view "Reality Chains". Gohrlay long had the ability to view alternative Realities, but only as far as the horizon of the next possible Reality Change. With their superior technology for viewing Realities, the Kac'hin defeat Gohrlay by quickly creating first the Asimov Reality and then the Noÿs Reality.

However, a puzzle still remains. Some powerful and unseen force is still at work, perturbing the course of events on Earth. Noÿs remains on Earth, protected by her "physiotime generator" Reality Change, even one that prevents R. Gohrlay from ever evicting the Huaoshy from our galaxy, can sweep her into oblivion.

Finally, in 1970 the Kac'hin establish contact with Noÿs and negotiate a deal. Noÿs agrees to stop deflecting the course of human civilization on Earth in exchange for a promise that humans will be given a chance to freely spread themselves between the stars. The pek have already made significant progress towards their goal of replacing humans with the Prelands. However, unable to defeat Noÿs and also stymied by a mysterious Nereid presence on Earth that they cannot dislodge, the Kac'hin agree to the demands of Noÿs.

Working together, the Kac'hin and Noÿs must bring into existence the Buld Reality, the final Reality. By this time, the Huaoshy have realized that they have the technological means to end all time travel. They want to establish an acceptable and stable Reality and then put an end to all further time travel.

Noÿs is allowed to use the sophisticated equipment of the Huaoshy for viewing possible Realities. Noÿs discovers the Buld Reality, a reality in which humans retain dominance on Earth and spread outward to the stars.

galactic core
Noÿs finds that the Reality Change that will cause the Buld Reality to come into existence is rather complex. Her son, Thomas, must be shifted from the Noÿs Reality to the year 1940 in the Buld Reality. Thomas' father, Ekcolir, must travel back in time 20,000 years where he will prevent R. Gohrlay from launching her positronic revolution and establish the conditions that will, at the correct time, start a Buld spaceship on a mission from the galactic core to Earth. Noÿs must insert herself in the year 1936 of the Buld Reality where she meets Deomede, the analog of Ekolir in the 20th century of the Buld Reality. Noÿs and Deomede have a daughter, Gwyned, who grows up on Earth until 1964 when she is teleported off of Earth. Gwyned is present at Lendhalen during the time when Parthney is trained for his mission to Earth.

Gwyned tells Parthney that she has a brother, Thomas, on Earth. When Parthney is on Earth (he arrives in 1971) he tries to contact Thomas using clues provided by Gwyned. Parthney had been told (by his handlers at Lendhalen) to try to contact the mysterious Noÿs by first finding Thomas.

However, Parthney's efforts to track down Thomas and Noÿs on Earth run him afoul of the Overseers. In 1984, Parthney is captured and taken to the Moon. This was planned by the Interventionists. They watch carefully when Parthney is captured and learn how to penetrate Observer Base.

Parthney's efforts to contact Noÿs were futile. Noÿs left 20th century Earth just about exactly the same time that Parthney arrived. Noÿs, who, in the Buld Reality, has lived on Earth since 1936, departs from 1971 and travels back in time 10,000 years. Noÿs is present when the Fru'wu establish the first teleportation terminal on Earth. Noÿs is teleported to Klyz where she transfers her advanced nanites from the far future of the Mallansohn Reality into a primitive Fru'wu robot. Eventually that robot (who uses the name Syon) is present at Lendhalen when Parthney is being trained for his mission to Earth.

After Thomas and Noÿs have completed their time travel, the Buld Reality is complete and the Huaoshy initiate a dimensional engineering shift that makes any additional time travel impossible.

Timeline of the Buld Reality
The story told in Exode does not involve time travel. The events of Exode all take place in the Buld Reality, which I define as the universe as we know it, the universe after time travel is no longer possible. I provide an updated timeline for the Buld Reality in my next blog post.


Note: I later decided to refer to the "Noÿs Reality" as the "Ekcolir Reality"

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