Sep 15, 2013


The Exode Trilogy abounds with "secret agents" who converge on Earth to play their roles in shaping the Buld Reality, the world as we know it.  The Overseers who watch over Earth are infuriated when they capture first Deomede and then Parthney. It is obvious that someone is continuing to send Interventionist agents to Earth and support them with advanced teleporter technology.

When the Overseers finally realize that they must visit the headquarters of Space Energy Missions, Lycaun and Deomede discover the identity of the long-sought "Nereid agent" on Earth. By the time Space Energy Missions is identified as an Interventionist base of operations, readers are quite familiar with Syon, a robot that has carried the memories of Trysta for the past 10,000 years.

After originally hoping to meet him 10,000 years ago, Syon finally reached the conclusion that Rilocke must be a passenger on a Buld spaceship that is bound for Earth. She is not really surprised when he arrives at Earth with the Buld. His arrival on Earth will be the first "on stage" appearance of Rilocke in the Exode Trilogy, although readers will be familiar with his role as the robot that carried Ekcolir's memories after his death. Rilocke is legendary among the Buld for his role in allowing some of the Buld Clan to gain freedom from the pek.

The Nereids have provided the Fru'wu with some advanced technologies, including access to a few faster-than light spacescraft, teleporter technology and "primitive" robots. The "primitive" nature of the Fru'wu robots is only a cover. In fact, hidden within these robots (while they function on Earth) are components of sedronic matter that allow them to be much more than simple humanoid robots. Also, when they wander away from Klyz and other centers of Fru'wu operations, such robots can host the nanorobotic symbionts that carry the minds of humans such as Trysta and Ekcolir or they can function as a "bimanoid interface" for the Nereid Interventionists. When Ekcolir notices Syon seemingly "talking to herself" about Deomede, she is actually in communication with the Nereids.

The other "Fru'wu robot" who appears in the Exode Trilogy as a character is Betty. Betty is known to readers as the robotic helper of Parthney while he is on Earth, although it is clear that Betty has had a long history of serving as an aide for other Interventionist agents who are stationed on Earth. Before working with Parthney, Betty was the aide for Deomede.

When Deomede and Lycaun discover Betty inside the headquarters of Space Energy Missions, he is pleased to find her there and expects her assistance in finding the "Nereid agent". However, to Deomede's syrprise, Betty is the "Nereid agent" on Earth.

Betty admits that she has long been the tool of the Nereids on Earth, functioning as a kind of "double agent". Deomede begins to make the case for Betty to "stand down" and stop working for the Nereids. Betty assures him that her mission on Earth is complete. All that remains is for the Overseers to be convinced that they have defeated the Nereids and destroyed the Nereid teleporter network on Earth.

Lycaun, as a tool of the Kac'hin, has her own mission to accomplish on Earth. She proceeds to teleport Kach and Rilocke to Klyz.

When the Overseers finally arrive at the headquarters of Space Energy Missions and move to apprehend Betty, Lycaun completes her mission and destroys the teleporter network. Then Deomede is horrified to see Betty kill Lycaun. He gallantly but foolishly tries to subdue Betty and she kills Deomede. Betty collapses and morphs into the form of a Nereid. Her advanced nanite symbiont transfers into Thomas and he collapses, apparently dead.

The Overseer who has worked on Earth using the cover identity "Belinda Tement" arrives just in time to see Lycaun and Deomede die. She finds the body of "Betty" and assumes that she has found a dead Nereid. With the teleporter network destroyed, Belinda believes that she can complete her duties by removing the Nereid body from Earth. She collects the body and returns to Observer Base on the Moon. The Overseers then abandon their post and depart from the Solar System, leaving Earth open and available for first contact with the Buld.

As soon as Belinda exits from Space Energy Missions, Thomas jumps up and goes with Izhiun who pays one last visit to "Hana's husband" and leaves him with the nanite symbiont that he got from Parthney. Thomas takes the opportunity to also off-load his nanites into "Hana's husband".

Izhiun and Hilde meet the Buld landing party in Washington D.C. and hitch a ride off of Earth with the Buld.

"Hana's husband" is left to piece together the hidden history of Earth and tell the story without any objective evidence. However, Exode can end with a news report about the descendants of Andy and their unusual genetic endowment.

2014 update. Betty was apparently a Grendel. Hilde was actually an "Atlantis Clone".

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