May 31, 2014

Hierion Tubes

My most recent draft of a fantasy book cover.
See below for information about the images
from diviantART that I used in this composite.
As described in my previous blog post, I've been trying to devise some cover art for Thomas Iwedon's fantasy novel, Daveed the Luk'ie. To the right on this page is my latest incarnation of the book cover.

That's Daveed down there in the lower right corner. He has been carefully crafted to have a human appearance, but he is a Luk'ie, a being with the special ability to communicate with the Sedronic Domain.

The 3 Domains of the Universe
The Luk'ie normally inhabit the Hierion Domain, and in this image that's where Daveed is, but he's just about to cross over into the Domain of we Earthlings. There, just on the other side of the Hierion Tube, is a pek, ready to pull Daveed through the Tube to where she is waiting, on Earth.

Don't be disoriented by the mismatch between the gravitational field of Earth and that being experienced by Daveed. The Hierion Domain is like a bridge that connects the Hadronic Domain of our daily existence to the Sedronic Domain. The Hierion Domain exists outside of the usual flow of time as we experience it here on Earth.

Image Credits
the magical pek
Kayla Davion
As described in my previous blog post, I went searching through the "stock" images at deviantART to find the elements for this new cover image. I modified the image of Kayla Davion to make the magical pek for this cover image.

I modified the eyes, ears and nose to create a non-human elf-like appearance.

The pek are artificial life forms and able to take on any desired shape and form. However, in my attempt to create the feel of a fantasy book cover, I tried to use a well-known fantasy element. I fear that the pointy elf ear is not easy to notice among the decorative leaves on her head. Also, the pointy nose does not show up well unless you zoom in.

stock background image #46 by user lifeblue at deviantART
For the background, I found a stock image by user lifeblue at deviantART. I wanted to use this particular image because it looks like a magical portal between Earth and the artificial Hierion Domain.

There are several other images (including #61 and #70) in lifeblue's background gallery that struck me as possible representations of a portal between our world and the Hierion Domain, but #46 was my favorite.

The large swinging door is what prompted me to tilt the portal by 90 degrees, allowing everything to fit more gracefully onto a vertically-oriented book cover.

jason aaron baca dec3068free vas
To represent the fictional character Daveed, I found a suitable image of Jason Aaron Baca in a photograph by Portia Shao. Jason has a gallery of images that he freely shares for use in non-commercial settings and he also sells his high quality photos for use in commercial book cover art. I needed to find a model who was in a pose that was complementary to that of Kayla.

The vase became a way to magically link the two characters at the interface between the two Domains.

I fear that my instincts are still largely based on science fiction themes, but hopefully my lighting effects are able to pass as magical rather than disrupting the fantasy theme with the feel of SciFi laser beams.

Science and Magic by Thomas
I found an inspirational painting by Thomas at deviantART that helps me think about the difference between cover art themes that are appropriate for either science fiction or fantasy stories.

brooch detail
Does the "Nuclear powered Super heroine Atomic Blonde" use cold fusion? I love the brooch that holds her scarf in place (see image detail to the right, click image to enlarge).

Be sure to take a look at the high resolution version of this drawing that is available for download.

belt detail (source)
Also, take a look at the original "Nucular Lass". I like the belt decoration (see detail to the left). 

 How is this for a super power: "give everyone cancer by talking to them".
Wait...I've known some people like that...

fake magazine cover
I could not resist making a fake pulp magazine cover for the Atomic Blonde. This "Atomic Science Stories" cover (shown to the right) is inspired by a classic pulp science fiction cover created by Lawrence Sterne Stevens for the Super Science Stories April 1949 issue.

Why did Thomas Iwedon write A science fiction story called "Atomic Blonde" and how did the drawing "Science and Magic" get used for the cover art of a magazine in in 1957?  I'm imagining that Atomic Science Stories was published in the Ekcolir Reality. Maybe Trysta liked to view the deviantART website in our Reality from within the Ekcolir Reality and she showed "Science and Magic" to Stevens.

Next: another fantasy book cover by Thomas Iwedon's Return to Tar'tron.

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