Aug 22, 2015

Tweet 1000

Six years ago I started using Twitter. My main use of Twitter is to share nerdy tweets about science and science fiction. It took me more than six years to reach 1000 tweets.

The Good
A favorited tweet: memory research
"Thank you!" to those
in the twitter-
verse who take the time to post interesting comments and links to intriguing science and science fiction stories.

I'm rather stingy with the old "favorites" button. After more than six years, I only have 47 favored tweets. Ward Plunet is the leader with 8 favs.

Miners of Earth
In the domain of science fiction, the "winner" is Veronica Sicoe (3 of my 47 favs).

The Bad
I've previously commented on the deplorable proliferation of twitterbots. It might be true that "only" about 10% of Twitter accounts are used by spambots, but when those spammer accounts have as many as a million tweets, and since a normal person like me might only have 1000 tweets, it means that more than 99% of the tweets in some parts of the twitterverse are probably spam tweets. These days, when I search Twitter for tweets about science fiction, about 95% of the tweets I find are by spambots. Ew.

The Future
warp to 2017:1,500 tweets.
source (an example of some rule$ for writing)

UPDATE: I posted the comments above in August 2015. Now it is early October and most of the spambot accounts that used to spew #ScienceFiction seem to have been silenced. So nice! Sadly, #Isaac Asimov is still spewed by an endless swarm of bots.
An example of Asimovian spam. Oh, cum on!

Twitter translation
2016 Twittle twattle. Translation by Google: "The dinosaur is not growing, because the eyebrow takes it to the living space."
Lost World

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