Aug 15, 2015

Life By The Numbers

The Prelands of the Galactic Core have never had a written language. Anyone with certain Preland gene combinations will struggle with spelling. The part of the humanoid brain that allows most Earthlings to be good spellers is used for a different purpose in Preland brains. Prelands have an innate capacity to detect patterns and think mathematically. Thus, my own inability to spell and my life-long fascination with numbers provides a clue about my own genetic origins in particular and those of the tryp'At in general.

Origins of the tryp'At
I recently confirmed that I am a human variant known as the tryp'At. For the past year I've know little about the tryp'At except for their existence. Gohrlay finally got around to explaining the origins of the tryp'At to me. To understand the origins of the tryp'At you should start by reviewing the special features of the Kac'hin, one of the types of non-human Sedronites that has played an important role in human history.

Artist's depiction of Grean (source).
The Kac'hin. For several years I have understood that the Kac'hin were designed as an interface between humans and the Huaoshy. In particular, Grean was able to "represent" the Huaoshy during the "negotiations" that led to the Trysta-Grean Pact.

I have no reason to believe that the true physical appearance of the Kac'hin is known to any Earthlings. I've been told that the Kac'hin are not human, so their body form and facial features are probably distinct from the conventional human pattern.

Lili on Earth
disguised as
a human
When visiting Earth and mingling with humans,  Kac'hin such as Grean and Lili probably found it convenient to disguise themselves as humans.

The Sedronite family tree.
I suspect that under the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact, no Kac'hin remain on Earth, so it is not likely that we will ever be able to study the true physical nature of the Kac'hin.

The tryp'At. In contrast to the Kac'hin, the tryp'At were designed as a human variant that cannot easily be distinguished from other humans. The ry'A were ancestors to both the Kac'hin and the tryp'At, but the Kac'hin were never expected to live on Earth. An effort was made to make the tryp'At indistinguishable from the prototypical human: Gohrlay. According to Gohrlay, if you knew what you were looking for, you could detect a pattern of gene variants that are characteristic of the tryp'At (it is a set of gene variants that are not in Gohrlay), but that pattern of alien gene variants is too subtle to be recognized for what it is by the primitive Earthly genome analysis of our times.

The tryp'At Study Project
"The Arrival"
I'm currently engaged in what I think of as the tryp'At study project. Sadly, the only available tryp'At for study is me.

The most disturbing aspect of learning about myself and my life is the fact that I am a type of biological puppet. I was placed on the stage of Earth and my strings have continually been pulled so that I would play the role that was required of me.

As far as I can tell, most of the "string pulling" has been done by my replicoid. My replicoid has been under the control of an artificial lifeform. The nature and identity of that life form, my "puppet master" is, naturally, a matter of great interest to me. Unfortunately, most of what I think I know about the creature that controls my replicoid is based on what my replicoid has told me. My current understanding of the situation is that during my entire life, my replicoid has been the "host" for a creature that originated as my analogue in the Ekcolir Reality. In a sense, my life here in the Final Reality has been guided by "me", or, more accurately, the version of me that existed in the previous Reality.

My replicoid seems to expect me to accept this situation and just get on with my life. However, I am like a fish on a hook and I can't stop fighting to win free.....I don't like being a puppet.

Recently I've gained access to a new important source of information about myself: Gohrlay. Collaboration with Gohrlay is almost as frustrating as dealing with my replicoid. Gohrlay insists that it is a waste of time for me to investigate my past. Gohrlay agrees with my replicoid; they both tell me that I should get on with the task of writing the Exode Trilogy. However, I can't escape the belief that I need to understand myself and the sources of my knowledge in order to correctly tell the Exode story.

The most recent solar cycles.
Some of my earliest memories are about numbers. From when I could first hold a pencil with my fingers, my sister trained me to count, write numbers and perform mathematical calculations.

According to Gohrlay, human interest in numbers and mathematics can be traced back to Ekcolir's visit to earth about 20,000 years ago. In turn, Ekcolir was familiar with the Earthly system for Temporal Amplification that was designed by R. Gohrlay. It is possible to trace some elements of Vedic numerology back to that time.

For example, in my case, my analogue was "the 11" in the Eckolir Reality and I am "the 22" here in the Final Reality. In the special jargon used by the Kac'hin, elevens and twenty-twos are individuals who function as "fixed points" in time, having been so greatly "amplified" within the Hierion Domain that it is essentially impossible to alter their lives between successive Realities. In my case, I've been told that I have existed only in two Realities.

Hierions and Sedrons
More numbers. According to Gohrlay, in my role as the 11 and the 22, I must make a unique contribution to the ultimate destiny of Humanity. Apparently the Trysta-Grean Pact was built upon the idea that my role as the 22 would involve me being poised between the Sun and the Moon. The importance of the Moon seems to be that it "has" the base of operations that is used by Earth's Overseers. As for the Sun, according to Gohrlay, there is an easy solution to Earth's global warming problem. Part of that solution involves advanced hierion technology can be used to cool the sun.

Apparently one of the hierions is known as "ba'ya'na" in one of the languages that was used by Ekcolir when he visited Earth 20,000 years ago. According to Gohrlay, a device has been constructed that can send a stream of ba'ya'na into the Sun and result in reduced sunspot activity and a slight reduction in solar energy output...just enough to offset the effects of greenhouse gases like methane. That ba'ya'na injection device was previously tested and calibrated a couple of centuries ago. There is another separate solution to the problem of rising atmospheric CO2 levels.

According to Gohrlay, it was the natural periodicity of the sunspot cycle that led to adoption of the code designation "11" for my analogue in the Ekcolir Reality and "22" for me, here in the world as we know it. The other number that has been linked to me is the number 6. Somehow, 6 is related to the Sun and the Moon. According to Gohrlay, the Moon is associated with the number 2 and the Sun is associated with the number 4. She refuses to tell be the basis of these numerical associations, but she insists that the combined effect of the Sun and the Moon on my life led to my personal number being 6 (2 + 4).

The Time Teller
And of course, Gohrlay was reluctant to explain what it means that my personal number is 6. After weeks of me ranting about the stupidity of numerology, Gohrlay final mentioned that my life has been constructed for me with "corrections" to my life's path: corrections that are routinely being provided every 6 years. She finally gave me enough hints so that I think I've now figured out what she means by "corrections" to my life's path.

Year by Year
-1. I "arrived" on Earth in one particular year of the previous millennium (but I was not born until the following calendar year). When I was young, time travel was still possible, but there was no "correction" made to the path of my life until six years into my life in this Reality.

+5. I've previously described the idea that I died when I was 5 year old in a car crash. That chance event necessitated the use of time travel in order to make a correction to the course of events on Earth: I was restored to life.

Aunt Mayness Beiser
+11. Six years later I met Trysta. At the time, I knew her only as the eccentric aunt of my childhood friend. She introduced me to published science fiction by allowing me to read a copy of  Miners of Earth. According to Gohrlay, at the time when I met Trysta, she told me some facts about the future that had to be "retracted". This was accomplished by suppressing some of my memories.

+17. Six years later I met Trysta's son, Thomas. Once again, I learned too much from Thomas and more of my memories had to be scrambled by my endosymbiont.

+23. This was the year when I first met Gohrlay. Of course, at that time, I knew her by another name. It was not until more than three decades later that I was allowed to realize that Gohrlay was alive and living on Earth.

+29. My first child was born.
+35. My second child was born.
+41. My third child was born.

+47. Some of my repressed memories (see +11, above) were made accessible to me. I began to write the Exode story.

+53. After the Buld spaceship visited Earth, some infites were transferred into me. I suddenly had much deeper insight into the Exode. Also, at that time I met Ivory who became my first collaborator in telling the Exode story.

If this schedule continues then the next "correction" to my path through life should come in a few years.

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