Mar 30, 2016

Sound Science

In my previous blog post we had a flashback to 1970 and a nearly-forgotten science fiction film (Toomorrow) about a pop music band. The film Toomorrow featured a newly manufactured pop music band called Toomorrow that was hoped to become a music selling device similar to The Monkees.

The Monkees were first beamed into people's homes in September 1966 along with Star Trek. Also arriving in 1966 was Dark Shadows. As a larval science nerdling, I immediately "got" Star Trek. I was appalled by The Monkees and Dark Shadows.

House of Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows was an anomaly: a soap opera that came to feature vampires. It was broadcast in the late afternoon when kids were getting home from school. I can't blame Dark Shadows for my dislike of horror, but the show did nothing to interest me in horror and paranormal themes.

Building on the "success" of Dark Shadows, Dan Curtis brought out a series of horror and paranormal-themed movies including The Night Stalker. A parnormal-themed television program (1974), Kolchak: The Night Stalker, became a source of inspiration for Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files.

Easy Come, Easy Go
Sound Science
While The Monkees were on television, there were endless Elvis movies such as Easy Come, Easy Go (1967) written by people such as Anthony Lawrence. The bio for Lawrence at IMDB is funny.

The Sixth Sense
In 1972, Lawrence brought to television The Sixth Sense, his own entry in the"parnormal thriller" genre, a story about the adventures of a "professor of parapsychology". One episode (written by Gene L. Coon not long before his death) included William Shatner. Harlan Ellison was the story editor.
In the Ekcolir Reality

Ten years later, with the help of Nancy Lawrence, The Phoenix was brought to television (see the webpage of Diane Mullen). The instructions for writers of episodes of The Phoenix was written by Anthony and Nancy Lawrence. According to the ancient astronauts backstory for the show, aliens visited Earth 40,000 years ago and left behind Bennu and Mira, two advanced life forms with human appearance who were to awaken when Humanity was ready for them to use their "psychic faculties" to help prepare humans for alien contact.

1981 movie, 1982 TV show
The paranormal abilities of Bennu were to a great extent technology-assisted. Bennu was born on a distant exoplanet where music was a "super science". Bennu was destined to use the science of "Sonics" to help the humans of Earth to attain a higher level of existence.

blog posts in March
All this reminds me of the 1970 science fiction film Toomorrow. In that film, the alien visitors to Earth wanted to use Earthly music to save their decaying civilization (or something). In The Phoenix there was a criminal alien who specialized in "creating discordant emotion and destructive passions" and who found his way to Earth.

 Stargate was a more successful 1990's Sci Fi show that also incorporated Egyptian mythology as was done in The Phoenix. After a quick look at the original scripts and the television episodes that got made (they are on YouTube) I get the feeling that there just was not adequate financial support to make The Phoenix a viable show. By 1987 Hollywood had figured out how to make modern Sci Fi television.

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