Sep 20, 2016

Slideshow Sideshow

Slideshow gadget running in the sidebar
Exactly one year ago I blogged about the fact that I like to include images in my blog posts. For many years I have used the Blogger Slideshow gadget to display a minimovie of thumbnail images from this blog in the right hand sidebar.

When clicking on those Slideshow images, you were taken to the full sized image in an image album (example).

With Google shutting down the old Picasa Web Albums, I believe that my old Picasa images have been migrated to an "album archive page". (see this Picasa blog post) There are sub-archives for each of my blogs. I've never understood how it turned out that after years of using Picasa, I ended up with several different "eras" of archived images from the wikifiction blog (see the image below).
Three sub-albums for wikifiction blog images archived to Picasa Web Albums (most recent).

A while back, there was word from Google that the Slideshow gadget would not work with https connections.

Today I got this message from Google:
"announced" (click image to enlarge)

So, just 10 8 more days for the Slideshow gadget! (it was removed on the 27th)

Other news. I finally allowed Google to set up a "custom URL" for my Google+ account. I'm still not sure what the advantage is over the old number (which now re-directs to the "custom address).

Next: looking at expiration dates on old stories
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