Sep 18, 2016

1st Reality

 'Hometime' by Cathleen Tarawhiti
My newest collaborator, Yōd, finally created a website for the final volume in the Exode saga. Zeta quickly added a banner and I'll describe the source of the images that she used in this blog post.

Three Domains
Zeta wanted the banner to depict the three domains of the physical universe and three major characters in The First Reality who each inhabit one of the three domains.

To depict Gohrlay, Zeta made use of a DeviantArt stock image called 'Hometime' by Cathleen Tarawhiti. A cropped portion of 'Hometime' is shown to the right on this page. Gohrlay in a normal human who resides in the Hadronic Domain of the universe (the universe of planets and stars).

'Elementals' by HiddenYume
To depict Inlat, the replicoid of a Grendel, Zeta used one of the two models that are in a DeviantArt stock image called 'The Elementals - Duo 09' by HiddenYume-stock. A cropped portion of that image is shown to the left on this page. This is probably not the true physical form of Grendels (see this for a better guess), but Talni had to work with the Gohrlay clones and thon had adopted a human-like physical form. Inlat resides in the Hierion Domain.

'Mermaid - Tethys 2'
by Elisa Navacchi
To depict Riaw the Nereid, Zeta used a DeviantArt stock image called  'Mermaid - Tethys 2' by Elisa Navacchi. A cropped portion of that image is shown to the right on this page. Riaw resides in the Sedronic Domain. As their exonym suggests, the Nereids evolved on a water world. The true physical form of the Nereids is unknown, but Riaw is shown under water and using a physical form that would not have been too startling for Talni the Grendel.

According to Zeta, the scene in the banner is meant to suggest how beings from the three different physical domains of the universe can interact. After being selected by Talni from among her many clone sisters, Alpha Gohrlay was eventually instantiated at Observer Base. While growing up, Gohrlay believed that Observer Base was located on the Moon, however, Observer Base is actually inside the Hierion Domain. The banner is shown below:
Gohrlay, Riaw and Talni in the three physical domains of the universe.
The First Reality banner.

The only place where Gohrlay, Talni and Riaw could all interact is in the Hierion Domain. It is unlikely that Gohrlay ever had any direct interactions with the Nereids, but in the banner image she is shown using a viewing device that provides her with a ghostly image of Riaw. Zeta says, "That is meant to be a hint of Gohrlay's telepathic ability. Who knows what she might have 'seen' once her mind was transferred into R. Gohrlay?"

In the banner, Talni is shown reaching through a kind of portal and and trying to make contact with Riaw. The Nereids and the Grendels were carefully nurtured by the bumpha as hadronic lifeforms that could survive for long periods in the Hadronic Domain.

The First Reality
Eventually the Nereids abandoned their biological bodies and transcended into the Sedronic Domain. Similarly, after helping create the human species on Earth, the Grendels became artificial life forms that could move back and forth between the Hierion Domain and the Hadronic Domain.

Next: the end of an era
Dr. Asimov is taken into orbitat the start of his second life.
This is the banner for A Search Beyond. Also see this gallery of banners.

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