Feb 15, 2010

Moon Dance

Lately I've been thinking about Gohrlay's trips to Earth. I had a strange image in my mind when I saw this:

"There is nothing I desire more than long days and longer nights that are completely vulnerable to my ideas. Gimme some music, gimme some paint, and I'll have a new religion so inspiring that all that's necessary is la luna to dance beneath." (source)

Gohrlay imagines that Earth is vulnerable to her ideas and that leads to her volunteering to have her brain destroyed as part of a mind downloading experiment.

"in my heart there was a kind of fighting,
That would not let me sleep: methought I lay
Worse than the mutines in the bilboes. Rashly,
And praised be rashness for it, let us know,
Our indiscretion sometimes serves us well"

Gohrlay is the protagonist in The Start of Eternity.

new worlds
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Image credit. THe first image was made using Noche de luna llena by Flowery *L*u*z*a*, Korean dance and KD by Xuan Tung Hoang, Korean traditional dance by remurd.

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