Aug 16, 2014

Search for Interesting Hollywood Aliens - 2014

2014: echo of E.T.
A couple of years ago I started doing a series of blog posts about the dearth of interesting aliens in pop culture science fiction. Since then, I've continued my Search for Interesting Hollywood Aliens (SIHA).

2014 SIHA Nominations
1) Lolani the Orion slave girl.
2) Under the Skin
3) The Signal

We're all aliens
Editorial. Is there anyone who might bring an interesting alien to Hollywood? Mike Cahill seems intelligent and creative. He's a fan of Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov, so Cahill obviously has good taste in science fiction.

I think the plots of Another Earth and I Origins sound silly, but I'd love to see if Cahill could make a good movie built around an interesting alien.

2014 SIHA Award Winner
I'm awarding the alien beings of The Signal my 2014 Interesting Hollywood Alien award. As an "indie" film it it does not qualify as a product of Hollywood, but I'll hold it up as an example of a story with more interesting aliens than those that Hollywood keeps recycling year after year.

2015 SIHA. Better luck next year, Hollywood.


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