Sep 5, 2015

Not a Robot

The most recent attempt by Google to determine if I'm a robot.
Last year I blogged about Google's on-going efforts to determine if I am a robot.

Now, following Google's recent corporate reorganization there have been a number of changes and an escalation of their war against robots.

I frequently search back through my old blog posts. Sometimes I have to open up a dozen or more old blog posts before I find what I'm looking for. I find it hard to believe that these searches through my own blog posts look "unusual". I've been doing this for years.

Seeing Red: From F- to G+

In the previous millennium, "F-" was a kind of joke, meaning the worst you could possibly do in a grading scale from A to F. Here in this millennium, Google created a new extreme of bad: G+. I only use Google Plus as a place to archive my collection of imaginary book and magazines covers.

Recently, Google started using a new bright red icon for Google Plus, so now I'm constantly seeing red when I use my web browser.

I have been planning to do something special for my 200th image placed into in my Book and Magazine Covers album. I can't resist a self-referential tip of my hat to the good anti-robot folks at Google.

It is fitting that for my 200th image added to my collection of imaginary book covers I honor Google's effort to identify robots. It would be interesting to know what fraction of Google's internet bandwidth is used by robots, including their own.

More "Joy of Google".


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