Sep 13, 2015

Anney's Hypothesis

In the First Reality: Gohrlay aboard Many Sails.
I recently blogged about the fact that Gohrlay, after a long period of existence as an artificial life form, was re-instantiated as a biological entity in the Ekcolir Reality. In the Exode Trilogy, there are only two characters who appear in both the First Reality and the Final Reality: Gohrlay and Many Sails. Since Many Sails is a sentient spaceship that has existed across a vast span of time, we should probably not be surprised to hear about "her" many voyages to and from Earth, voyages taking place across the entire set of Realities in Earth's Reality Chain.

The First Reality
However, in the case of Gohrlay, something very unusual happened to assure that a woman from the First Reality was given another life here in the Final Reality. It is clear that Gohrlay was not simply some random woman from the First Reality. I suspect that Gohrlay was carefully selected, and possibly designed, so as to optimally play the role of the human who provided the template for positronic brain circuits.

The assembly of R. Gohrlay at Observer Base.
The first positronic robot adopted the name R. Gohrlay and went on to fight a 10,000,000 year-long insurrection during which the pek were excluded from Earth. That revolt of the positronic robots ended with the Time Travel War and, ultimately, the Trysta-Grean Pact. During most of the positronic robot revolt, Gohrlay was a prisoner of war, held by the pek. After her death and during most of her time as a captive, Gohrlay lived as an artificial life form.

Our Reality Chain. The Final Reality: the Buld Reality.
R. Gohrlay, programmed to serve and protect humans, never forgot about Gohrlay. When the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact were being negotiated, R. Gohrlay insisted that Gohrlay be returned to Earth. The pek turned over to R. Gohrlay all of the saved data pertaining to the Gohrlay entity. R. Gohrlay carefully re-created Gohrlay as a human organism within the Ekcolir Reality. In her life as Roben, that "copy of Gohrlay" never fully understood her origins and her importance to how the Final Reality was being planned, shaped and crafted.

Another analogue of Gohrlay exists here in the Final Reality as a woman who does not want her identity to be publicized. I've blogged about the fact that the "current copy" of Gohrlay recently revealed her existence to me. She is an important source of information about past Realities. As far as I can tell, she is so knowledgeable about the past because she is in contact with her replicoid by way of the Bimanoid Interface.

Anney's Hypothesis
I'm intrigued by the hypothesis (let's call it HA, Anney's Hypothesis) that the universe as we know it was designed for Gohrlay. According to this hypothesis, the Final Reality has been planned and implemented so as to provide Gohrlay with a chance to live a life on a world (Earth) where her descendants can eventually spread to the stars and populate additional Earth-like worlds.

Ivory's attempts to use
the Bimanoid Interface
Gohrlay is vastly amused by the idea that the universe was designed and shaped specifically for her and for the benefit of her children and their descendants. I first heard about HA from Ivory Fersoni, one of my past collaborators in exploring the secret history of Humanity. Ivory was the prototype for what I call the Atlantis Clones. Anney was one of Ivory's clone sisters, the one who was able to most deeply penetrate the Sedronic Domain.

3 mothers: biological, birth and after birth
Sadly, all of Anney's unique and hard-won information obtained from the Sedronic Domain has reached me third hand. Anney's Hypothesis about Gohrlay's special status came to me through Ivory by way of another Atlantis Clone, Angela.

Thus, I am forced to believe that the Atlantis Clones were carefully created here on Earth in order to provide an information conduit that is our only means of understanding certain key features of Reality. However, anyone who is, like me, ready to believe in the special importance of Gohrlay, needs to remember that most of Anney's claims have never been independently verified. Why should we trust Anney and the entire cumbersome system that fed information through her from the Sedronic Domain to our world?

Among those who made possible the Atlantis Clones (particularly Anney) and the flow of information from the Clones to me, were Marta and Peter.

Marta remains a mysterious figure since it seems certain that she had no analogue in the previous Reality, yet she seems to have been "supplied" with a well-informed and proficient replicoid. As far as I know, I've never met Marta, but I have had indirect interactions with her in the Hierion Domain by means of my use of the Bimanoid Interface. Marta not only crafted Ivory as a daring and clever woman but also worked quietly in the background to make sure that everything Ivory learned from her clone sisters was passed on to me.

Peter is in many ways still an unsolved puzzle for me. It was not just random chance that allowed he and I to meet when we were in college. I suspect that by allowing me to interact with Peter back in my school days, I was being carefully sensitized and prepared for the time when I would finally become aware of Ivory and the fact that her entire family was descended from an alien visitor who lived on Earth during the 20th century.

When I first met Peter, I knew that he was special. His racing intelligence and easy flamboyance startled and amazed me, but I did not then suspect that he carried alien gene combinations. I still do not believe that I know the full story of his involvement in making Hana serve as surrogate mother to one of the Atlantis Clones. In Peter's account of his involvement with the Atlantis Clones, he states that Cory was the surrogate mother for Anney, but it is not at all clear that his account can be trusted. As far as I can tell, Peter was never trusted as an "insider" at Atlantis. He preferred to live out in the "wild" among the people of Earth. There can be no doubt that after each of his visits to "Atlantis", his memories were carefully edited and reformed.

The Atlantis clones and their birth mothers. Apparently
Marta was the surrogate mother for the first clone, Anna.
It is a particularly glaring omission that Peter's written account of the Atlantis Clones makes no mention of Hilde. I've been told that Hilde was the one "Atlantis Clone" who was not raised inside Many Sails. Although Hilde's status as a clone has been verified by her own replicoid, I've never grown comfortable with the idea that Hilde is a clone of Ivory. I believe that the Atlantis Clones were created a special tool on Earth that could tap into the Sedronic Domain. Hilde never became caught up in the game of pulling information out of the Sedronic Domain, so, in a sense, her existence as an Atlantis Clone seems superfluous.

Book 3 of the Exode Trilogy: Exode
However, it may be that Hilde is another example of a convenient way that was found to "sensitize" me to the secret history of Earth. By early on providing me with my own special and personal connection to the Atlantis Clones and giving me an emotional stake in their fates, I was already prepared for the day when Ivory first tried to explain to me the importance of her clone sisters. I spent many years worrying that Hilde might have been my daughter, so the claim that she is a clone of Ivory intrigues me, even if it makes no sense.

And, as an example of killing two birds with one stone, by making Hana the birth mother of Hilde, a convenient way was found to send Hana off into outer space for her adventures with Boswei. Completing that vast intergalactic loop, eventually Izhiun made his way to Earth and passed on to me a record of Parthney's life. That information source became the basis for my ability to tell the third part of the Exode Trilogy: Exode. Frankly, such "coincidences" are simply too fantastic for me to wrap my head around.

Trysta and Ekcolir
Trysta and Ekcolir
However, even with my lingering doubts about Anney as a reliable source of information from the Ekcolir Reality, I still feel that the correct way to begin the Exode Trilogy is with Trysta and Ekcolir.

Trysta viewing Thomas and Parthney
in the future (left: Ekcolir).
It is only with the help of Ivory and her clone sisters that I was able to make sense of events in the Ekcolir Reality and begin to understand how the world as we know it came into existence. And now, most recently, Gohrlay is helping me complete my understanding of events in The Ekcolir Reality.

And yes, the infites that were passed to me from Thomas provided a useful starting place for my investigation of the Ekcolir Reality, but due to the contorted structure of Thomas' life and memories, I needed a kind of extra "decoding strip" to help me make sense of his view of the Ekcolir Reality. Even if Thomas operated in a strange alternate reality of his own making between fantasy and fact, I feel obligated to include a large portion of Miners of Earth in Trysta and Ekcolir.

Miners of Earth by Thomas Iwedon
(writing as Thomas Jeket)
The story has been reconstructed by the Editor.
When Thomas wrote Miners of Earth, he was very young and being used as a kind of experiment by Grean. At that time, R. Gohrlay was demanding that we humans be allowed to violate the Rules of Intervention. Grean was trying to determine if the truth about alien involvement in creating the human species could be released to the people of Earth in the form of a science fiction story.

Since most of the story in Miners of Earth was completely made up by Thomas, Grean felt that there was little to lose in allowing that book to be published. Although Miners of Earth was only published in the Ekcolir Reality, I was given a copy of the book by Trysta, here in the Final Reality. My early exposure to that science fiction story was another "trick" that was used to sensitize my mind in preparation for the later time when I would learn the truth about the pek and the Huaoshy.

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