Jan 1, 2015

1915 - 2015

Image credits, below.
Anney has been driving me crazy. First she told me that Ivory, or, at least, Ivory's replicoid) had gone back in time to see her father and, of course, I haven't been able to stop thinking about the implications of replicoids traveling through time.

That led to Anney making it clear to me that replicoids live forever. I started asking if I could talk to the replicoid of someone who is dead. Rather than answer my question, she began talking about the fact that one of my favorite science fiction authors was conceived in 1915.

The Dead Widowers
According to Anney, the members of the Dead Widowers Society don't trust me.

John Doe and Saul Greek
They all suspect that I'm constantly being watched by Observers and they could draw unwanted Overseer attention to themselves if they had interactions with me.

Anney claims that Jack Vance was the original "dead widower", but that Vance is not our Vance. Somehow the Jack Vance of the Ekcolir Reality was "brought across" to our Reality, the universe as we know it.

cover art by Ned Dameron
"Death Bird" - Image Source
Image Credits. Anney has been tormenting me with stories about Jack Vance still being alive. To make a visual depiction of Anney's fantasy, I used a DeviantART stock photograph of Amber G. that was taken by Marcus Ranuma.

For the setting, I used an old book cover by Ned Dameron. I tried to show Jack Vance having a dramatic confrontation with an alien who is trying to take him from the Ekcolir Reality to the Buld Reality.

More book and magazine covers.

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