Apr 6, 2015

Ivory and Yrovi

Ivory Fersoni in her favorite
disguise: using the physical
form of Hilarie Burton.
About a year ago I wrote a summary of what I knew then about Ivory Fersoni. During the past year, Ivory became an important part of my life and I've learned a whole lot more about her and her family, so it is time for an update on the life and death of Ivory.

Ivory's exit (source)
Ivory was not meant for this world. She tried to fit in, but that never really worked. Towards the end of 2014, Ivory managed to win a ticket off of Earth. Ivory died, but it is hard for me to feel much sorrow since she is now living her second life as the artificial life form Yrovi. I am a bit resentful because Yrovi is now free to explore the galaxy while I'm still stuck here on Earth.

Ivory will always be honored for her role in helping to tell the story of the Exode Trilogy. It is largely through Ivory's efforts that we are now able to sketch out the odd temporal twists and turns that formed the universe as we know it, what I call the Buld Reality.

A whimsical depiction of
Angela's unusual family.
When I think about how much Ivory and her family know about the secret history of Earth I'm motivated to play the role of a nosy investigative journalist. I know that the members of Ivory's immediate family have struggled to keep their lives private, but there must be a way to share their knowledge without sacrificing their chance to lead normal lives. So far, I've obtained short written statements from Ivory, her sister Angela and her uncle Peter and included their commentary right at the start of the Exode Trilogy.

Ivory did make efforts to more fully share what she knew with the world, but Overseer suppression prevented most of her writings from being published. Even now, I worry that all evidence of Ivory might be erased from the internet, so I carefully disguise what I write about her as science fiction, using false names for everyone in her family.

Family Tree
Not quite human: Ivory's family tree. I believe that this
diagram is fairly complete, but I've been told that Hilde
is actually another Atlantis clone.
I've been able to piece together much of Ivory's family tree. Given Ivory's penchant for wearing disguises and the existence of Asterothrope, Ek'col and Kac'hin ancestors in her family, there is considerable speculation about her "natural" physical form.

Ivory as I imagine her at Moon Base.

Based on her physical features that I personally witnessed (although I must admit, I don't know if what she showed me was "real") I have a mental image of Ivory's appearance just before her death. She had been taken to the Moon and deprived of her nanites, so she could no longer consciously control her appearance. I imagine that she died while in the process of reverting to her natural physical appearance, showing the large eyes that are characteristic of a Sedronite.

The role of Sedronite admixture in human evolution.
Of course, we can't understand Ivory without understanding the Sedronites. We can ask the question: was Ivory human? If so, she was certainly an unconventional human with large amounts of Sedronite gene combinations.

I believe that we humans and all the Sedronites shown in this diagram (to the right) had a common ancestor on Earth about seven million years ago. At that time, the pek took some apes from Earth to other worlds and began to genetically modify them.

We humans will never know anything about most of the Sedronites. They successfully transcended their hadronic physical forms and merged themselves into the Sedronic Domain.

Anney's account of the Sedronites.
In contrast, the Nereids and the Fruthwa were considered to be failures by the pek. The Nereids, in particular, took an adversarial relationship with respect to the pek and the entire Huaoshy approach to dealing with planets like Earth. The Nereids became dedicated Interventionists, convinced that the primates of Earth deserved something more: a chance to experience the great adventure of exploring space and spreading themselves between the stars.

Special thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Black Cat 9 - stock" that I used to create the blue "sedronite" who is in the image shown to the left.

The Nereids are believed
to have had blue-tinted skin,
but it is not likely that a
human ever met a Nereid.
The Nereids were destined for failure, and their great aspirations for Earth would have been thwarted except for a strange and unprecedented fluke of biological evolution, a story which is told in The Foundations of Eternity.

I mention the Nereids here because their spirit of independence and revolution lived on in Ivory. Ivory could have led a comfortable and conventional life, but she chose to fight for the right of we Earthlings to know and understand our origins and she wanted us to reach for the future that Nereids made possible for us.

Left: the dark side of Ivory's family.
I still dream that Yrovi might one day return to Earth and be able to share with us what "she" learned on her travels between the stars. When I last saw her, Ivory had become obsessed with the "dark side" of her family tree and the mysterious tryp'At.

Since Ivory's death and Yrovi's departure from Earth, I've made very little progress towards the goal of understanding the role that the tryp'At apparently play in shaping our future. I alternate between feeling that I am not living up to Ivory's expectations and suspecting that Ivory knew perfectly well that the tryp'At are actively suppressing knowledge of the secret history of Earth.

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