Apr 30, 2015

Twitter Twentyfifteen

Recent tweets about Ex Machina
I last blogged about Twitter about a year ago. At that time, I started including images in my tweets. I spend about 10 minutes each day on Twitter and I appreciate the links that I find there to interesting science and science fiction topics.

John on Twitter
Of course, I also get annoyed by some twitter content. I've recently discovered the joy of the Twitter mute function. If you have not discovered this feature of Twitter then I suggest experimenting with it. In my case, I mute all Twitter accounts that tell me anything is a "must read".

Anyhow, thank you to the folks who I follow on Twitter for sharing with me so much interesting information (example).

Sad but true twitterverse observation: at election time, even Sci Fi nerds start tweeting about politics.    : (

Also, I want to add that I'm amazed at how many interesting things I find just by using the Twitter search function for topics like #ScienceFiction.

John on Twitter.

Also: I never see ads. I use  Adblock Plus with Firefox.

According to Wikipedia, about 25% of tweets are generated by computer programs, not people. It used to be possible to search Twitter for key words like "Asimov" and find interesting tweets from people who are fans of Isaac Asimov. Good luck with that now. By my estimate, at least 90% of tweets containing the word "Asimov" are now spam.
There are many twitter bot accounts with about 300,000 tweets. The most prolific twitter bot account I've seen had well over half a million tweets.

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