Apr 26, 2015


Trysta and Ekcolir
Gwyned, as a character in the Exode Trilogy, had a rather casual origin. Originally, even before I discovered the Ec'kol, I imagined that Noÿs Lambent and Andrew Harlan had two children. However, that was in the Foundation Reality. Neither of those two children passed on into the next Reality.

The Ekcolir Reality
Within the Ekcolir Reality, Noÿs used the cover name Trysta Iwedon. When Trysta first met Ekcolir, he was using the cover name William Ward. Ekcolir had been trained and prepared to sweep Trysta off of her feet and cause her to fall in love with him.

Trysta and Ekcolir can be thought of as a
fan fiction sequel to Isaac Asimov's
time travel novel The End of Eternity.
Through the wonders of time travel, Eckolir had been coached by Syon, the artificial lifeform that still carried all of Trysta's memories. The illustration to the right (above) depicts Syon in the process of training Ekcolir for his mission to Earth (bottom). This cover illustration is not entirely accurate, but it is meant to show Ekcolir being allowed to look into his own future and observe scenes from his life with Trysta on Earth.

At the top of the cover illustration for Trysta and Ekcolir, Trysta is shown using her own nanite-powered Viewing technology to watch Syon and Ekcolir while they discuss Trysta. This is a cute visual, but in Trysta and Ekcolir, it never actually happens that way. Instead, Trysta is completely taken by surprise when Ekcolir comes into her life. They both fall madly in love and Ekcolir impregnates her. Trysta is astounded by her pregnancy since she is certain that no Earthling is biologically compatible with her.

An Ek'col male and
an Asterothrope female.
Although Trysta's body has been shaped by developmental control nanites so as to give her the physical form of a human, she is actually an Asterothrope, a different species from ten million years in our future. In the Eckolir Reality, Trysta's first child is a boy named Thomas. The second child of Trysta and Ekcolir is a girl named Gwyned.

Catastrophic sea level rise in the Ekcolir Reality.
Before she even knows that she is pregnant, Trysta fails to control her nanites and they quickly invade the developing embryo. Thomas goes on to develop an unusual brain structure and he even has some nanite-mediated telepathic contact with Trysta even before he is born. Thomas' brain is unique and valuable and the Interventionists end up making a whole series of "Thomas clones" who are used as Interventionist agents on Earth.

When Ekcolir impregnates Trysta the second time, she is ready and the brain of Gwyned develops along a more normal human trajectory. Still, Trysta's nanites are in Gwyned's brain from the start and she becomes passionately curious about the natural world.

The Buld Reality
The Ekcolir Reality does not offer a very pleasant future for Earthlings, but eventually the Trysta-Grean Pact is established and the Buld Reality comes into existence. Due to the momentum of Time, there is a "new version of Ekcolir" in the Buld Reality, an Ek'col male named Deomede.

Gwyned's family tree.

Trysta arranges to move from the Ekcolir Reality into the Buld Reality and she travels back through time to the 1930s. Trysta and Deomede have two children, one named Andy and a second Gwyned.

Something of a born-scientist, Gwyned goes on to earn a Ph.D. in nuclear physics. She manages to alarm Deomede with her plans to develop nuclear fusion power plants, so Gwyned is teleported off of Earth and sent to Lendhalen.

Trysta never forgets about her "lost daughter", the Gwyned who was born into the Ekcolir Reality and lost to Time. Later, when Trysta has ended her biological existence and transferred her mind into the artificial lifeform known as Syon, she helps train Ekcolir for his mission to Earth. She also gestates a new "copy of Gwyned", genetically identical to the Gwyned of the Ekcolir Reality. This "new Gwyned" is named "Gwen".

I'm currently trying to find an interesting way for Gwen to be brought over into the Buld Reality (the world as we know it). Technically this is no problem, since Syon carries nanites that can function as a temporal field generator. I want Gwen to have an interesting life, perhaps investigating the relationship between Lendhalen's leaders (such as Pla'kau) and the alien Fru'wu.

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