Apr 5, 2015

X-Files out of Darkness

Who needs the FBI when X marks the spot?
The latest rumor is that Fox is going to allow for a few new X-Files episodes to be brought to the small screen. When The X-Files: I Want to Believe came out in 2008 I was not interested. I'm not a fan of horror.

Mulder and Scully
However, since the movie was recently on television, I felt obliged to check it out. Ew. So, we are supposed to believe that Mulder and Scully are darkening rods (the opposite of lightening rods). They attract darkness. And they only have each other to get them through all the darkness.

X marks the spot
X never marks the spot unless you are in Hollywood. So, if you are dying of cancer and you decide you won't die if you import a crack surgical team from Russia that will transplant your head onto a new body every few days, just remember: don't cut the used bodies into handy (or leggy) sized pieces and dump them in a nearby lake. Even if it is the middle of winter and you don't have to worry about attracting flies. You might still attract a psychic pedophile priest. Well, only in Hollywood.

in 2015...
I've previously fantasized about the type of X-Files reboot I'd like to see. However, after watching I want to Believe I'm afraid that Chris Carter will insist on giving the 2016 X-files reboot an unhealthy dose of horror.

2016: Season 10
Do Carter and Spotnitx really imagine that people are interested in decapitated FBI agents and chopping off arms and legs with an axe? Let's pray that the 2016 miniseries can pull the X-files out of darkness.

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2008 - The X-Files: I Want to Believe

2016 - Mulder and Scully try to blast the Carter Monster into submission: "Give us some fun scripts, damn it!"

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