Apr 4, 2015


Grean the Time Warrior.
Grean originated as a minor character in The Foundations of Eternity (see this chapter). Grean is not quite human. As a hermaphroditic Kac'hin, Grean could freak out most Earthlings by showing us thons natural physical form. The book cover shown here (to the right) illustrates the natural appearance of Grean, with big eyes and pointy teeth. Thon also has pointy elf-like ears, here hidden by thons hair.

Within the Exode Trilogy, I use "thon" as a pronoun to refer to characters who are neither male or female.

I had originally imagined that the Kac'hin might function efficiently as a type of communications interface between humans and the Huaoshy, but it turns out that the Kac'hin can only achieve limited access to the Sedronic Domain.

Grean's origins
Grean is a master of disguise. Thon can use the nanorobotic endosymbiont that shares thons physical body to quickly modify thons physical appearance. Growing up, Grean constantly lived in thons human disguise, growing comfortable with a human appearance in preparation for thons future mission on Earth.

Grean grew up believing that Delpha was thons twin. A close personal relationship between Grean and Delpha was important because Delpha must function as Grean's bimanoid interface with the Huaoshy.

Ekcolir and Trysta
Grean is a clone of a Kac'hin who lived about 80,000 years ago. Delphys Ghreanamar was among the first Kac'hin who was proven to be proficient in maintaining communications with the Huaoshy. The pek, therefore, had 80,000 years to perfect their plans for how to fight the Time War.

Grean became the main foot soldier for the Huaoshy in the Time War. On the other side of the battle was Trysta. When Trysta first became aware of Grean, she considered Grean as her enemy: an alien invader of Earth. Ekcolir was specifically designed and constructed to break down Trysta's resistance to the idea of collaborating with Grean.

Trysta-Grean Pact
Eventually Ekcolir was able to convince Trysta that it was possible to reach a negotiated settlement with Grean that would end the Time War. I'm still uncertain about the exact terms of the Tryst-Grean Pact.

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