Jan 26, 2016


Dr. Sanjay: X-doctor #1
Ya, there is some book called "Paranormalcy", but I've never read it. Paranormalcy is where Chris Carter and James Wong place us in episode 2 of the 2016 X-Files miniseries: "Founder's Mutation".

dead telepaths club?
In episode 1, we were bombarded with "alien DNA", but told nothing useful. What is special about Scully's DNA? All we seem to know for sure is that William and Sveta have (had?) telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Kids with paranormal abilities are the focal point of the "Founder's Mutation".

Look, Ma, No Aliens
Scully almost runs over the perp...good
thing this is 2016 and we have dashboard video!
As a science fiction fan, watching The X-files is an exercise in frustration. Chris Carter is doing anti-science fiction where nothing needs to be explained and nothing needs to make sense. So turn off half of your brain and go along for the "fun".

Are we having fun yet? The Department of Defense controls everything, except when they need to advance the plot by letting Mulder walk out of the super-secret facility with a stolen smart phone.

I just want to find my sister.
Welcome back to the X-files, where we only learn enough about anything to create the next 40-minute-long Twilight Zone episode.

Look, Ma, No Hands!
The whole transition of Mulder and Scully back into the FBI is absurd and not explained. Ya, "absurd and not explained" is the real tag-line for The X-Files; welcome to Hollywood.
Mulder imagines watching 2001 with his son. What's the monolith?

In Our Last Episode...Not William...
collecting another DNA data point
opener to the truth
Fifteen years ago, another little mutant baby was born. Mama was not going to let this little tyke get used for evil experiments, so she let him out of the cage. Now, the lad (Kyle) is on a mission, to find his sister, Molly. Poor Dr. Sanjay has the misfortune to be useful to Kyle.

Kyle gets a job as a janitor inside a stem cell research center that was founded by Dr. Goldman (expendable doctor #2). Using telepathy, Kyle forces Dr. Sanjay to access the super-secret database that is under the control of the Department of Defense. But that telepathic contact causes so much pain that Dr. Sanjay kills himself. Of course, Mulder shows up to investigate (Why? Obviously it was in the script, but to make time for all the bird scenes and a bathroom stall sex scene, they had to cut out the usual cute scene at the basement office of the X-files where Mulder told Scully about why this is an X-File. I suspect it was because there was a letter opener inside a high-tech server room...very mysterious).
Nugenics surveillance video captures Kyle in telepathic contact with Dr. Sanjay

Lord of the Crows. Kyle's fan club.
For the Birds
We know that Kyle is using paranormal telepathy because it attracts, er... a flock of birds. Oh, and the music gets weird.

Soon enough, Kyle is telepathically sending Mulder instructions: "Help me find her".

Aaaand... Scully has been working as a doctor at a children's hospital for the past 7 years. Now on the day when she shows up as an FBI agent, suddenly she is approached by a young woman who says, "I have to get out of here". Of course, her unborn baby is part of super-secret biological experiments.
Planet of the New Ape and a new soap opera by Chris Carter: All my Incubators.

Is Molly tired of 15 years of food-cart lunches?
While talking to Dr. Goldman at his prison for Hollywood child actors, Mulder and Scully catch a performance by his daughter, Molly, who looks normal, but is being held prisoner in a jail cell down the hall from the hospital wing for Hollywood-style latex-prosthetic genetic freaks.

Mulder and Scully track down Mrs. Goldman who was institutionalized after being convicted of killing her unborn son (Kyle). Of course, she isn't crazy; all she did was perform a C-section on herself, with no anesthetic.

This is all starting to sound like a classic science fiction plot in which telepathic "mutants" must battle for their own survival and freedom from having their paranormal abilities used by bad guys.

I'm going to have to imagine a science fictional basis for all of this just to get me through the next few weeks of telepathy and monsters.

Ma, Let me out of here! Kyle makes his grand entrance upon the stage of the outside world.

The Founder and a friend
Finally, Mulder and Scully are able to track down the adoptive mother of Kyle and take Kyle into custody. They return to Dr. Goldman's prison for children where Kyle and Molly are finally united. Now together, Kyle and Molly seem to have amplified telekinetic powers. Dear old dad gets "death by telepathy", but Scully and Mulder escape with a vial of Kyle's blood before the DoD goon squad takes over the crime scene.

Kyle and Molly: "...we gotta get outta this place..."
Will we be seeing more of Kyle and Molly or is their story just going to be erased along with dozens of other stray X-Files plot threads?

Mulder and Scully can't help wondering if William is in some way similar to Kyle. And they both worry that William's "alien DNA" has him on a path to hard times and danger.

Next X-Files episode: "Mulder, the internet is not good for you."
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