Jan 13, 2016

Pek Play The Phari

One year ago, my old (2012) blog post about Slavery in Science Fiction seemed to be stuck in 6th place among the most visited pages of the wikifiction blog. In recent months that blog post has been receiving the most new visitors and it has moved from 6th to 3rd on the list of all-time most visited pages.

My interest in slavery has nothing to do with treating people as objects to be bought and sold. Slavery as a feature of an economic system is only a jumping-off point for my actual interests which lie in the philosophical domain of free will and determinism. I'm only interested in fantasies such as mind-body dualism to the extent that our ancient myths might be distorted reflections of some deeper truth about physical reality, some sort of future science.

In the Ekcolir Reality (source)
About three months ago I blogged explicitly about the idea that humans can be viewed as slaves of the Huaoshy. If so, the implication is that we only have an illusion of free will in our daily lives and alien puppet masters control our behavior.

Three months ago, Gohrlay provided me with a prototypical case study for human mind control: the life of Radhas. Through the hard work of her parents, Radhas was given a brain structure that allowed her to take conscious control of her zeptite endosymbiont.

The goal of creating a primate with the power to use the Bimanoid Interface is the reason why the human species was crafted and brought into existence, but the plan was that we Earthlings would only be an intermediate transition species along the way towards the goal of transcending our hadronic existence.

According to Huaoshy ethical principles, no primate of Earth should ever have developed a technologically advanced civilization on this Garden World. The Exode Trilogy tells the story of the bumbling error that allowed the genie of Humanity to escape from its bottle. If we tool-using apes are all a mistake, then Radhas was a Big Mistake who could not be allowed to remain on this world.

The glorious feature of her life is that Radhas chose freedom. Had she remained here on Earth, she would have been subjected to mind control. Some of her knowledge and some of her vision for human possibilities would have been suppressed. She could not live with those restrictions, so she departed from Earth.

I hate the idea that I am still here on this world simply because I made the opposite choice. However, I have to believe that sometimes it is wise to surrender some freedom today if that means other people will later have the chance to attain full fuller freedom. I'm not sure that "full freedom" is attainable by humans, but it might be the human condition that we have an instinct for seeking freedom.

Freedom Games
In The League of Yrinna, I explore the idea that the pek allowed the Phari to breed humans. The entire saga of Alastor Cluster is is the story of how the pek made use of the Phari as part of their plan to cause the Ek'col to come into existence.

Level Up
There is a big difference between pek and Phari endosymbionts. Pek emdosymbionts are zeptite endosymbionts. In contrast, Phari endosymbionts are made of femtobots, which are much less sophisticated than zeptites. With their technological advantage, the pek had nothing to fear from their ages-old decision to allow the Phari to exercise a certain degree of control over the galaxy.

The goal of the Phari was to assist humanoid species in our galaxy to ascend to a post-biological existence in the Hierion Domain. In contrast, the pek goal is help humanoids ascend into an new existence as artificial life forms within the Sedronic Domain.

In a sense, the pek have a "blind spot" with respect to discovering a way to give humans access to the Bimanoid Interface. The Phari did not share that particular "blind spot", so they were free to use heavy-handed and devious means to alter human evolution. The Phari were not as ethically constrained as the pek.

replicoid games
In The League of Yrinna, the ends justify the means: the pek can allow the Phari to to use ethically questionable means to craft a new type of human. The pek do not have to "dirty" their own hands. After the Phari accomplish their task, then that entire Reality can be erased and the pek can move on, making use of the key human gene combinations that were found by the Phari.

Replicoid Games
The replicoids of Isaac Asimov, Jackie Vance and Arabella Clarke are deployed by the pek within Alastor Cluster. Later, when R. Gohrlay must be met on the field of battle, more finely crafted tools are needed, but for dealing with the Phari, human replicoids are up to the task. Asimov, Clark and Vance serve as intermediaries between the pek and human players such as Glinnes and Duissane.

The League of Yrinna
During the great game being played between the Phari and the pek, Glinnes and Duissane end up on opposing hussade teams. On Yrinna, the winning sheirl is allowed to select a mate from among the players on the losing team.

Duissane has gone "under cover" and infiltrated the League of Yrinna. The space pirates who constitute the membership of the League of Yrinna are under the control of the Phari. After previously escaping from Lord Gensifer, Duissane is now expected to marry into the Gensifer Clan of Yrinna.

With the help of his replicoid allies, Glinnes has made contact with the Pheni of Yrinna and he becomes the target for their freakish experimentation on human test subjects. Can Glinnes and Duissane escape from the nightmare world that traps them?

Next:  Glinnes and Duissane meet the Pheni of Yrinna
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