Jan 30, 2016

2 Endosymbionts Are Better Than 1

Back in 2012 I began toying with the idea that the Fwai-chi of planet Marune once had a technologically advanced civilization. Here is an intriguing fact about the Fawi-chi:

"... they can taste a dead man's blood and cite all the circumstances of his death."

Last year I suggested the idea that the Fwai-chi could access information within the Sedronic Domain. However, for The League of Yrinna, I've recently decided that the Phari are responsible for the various humanoid species who populate Allastor Cluster and the Phari are masters of the Hierion Domain. Rather than have sedronic endosymbionts, I now imagine that the Phari provide species such as the Fwai-chi with hierion-based endosymbionts that are composed of femtobots rather than zeptites.

femtobot endosymbionts
The Fwai-chi are endowed by their femtobots with seemingly magical abilities. I've been imagining that most humans in Alastor Cluster contain pek endosymbionts and I've been thinking that those endosymbionts could be "swapped" for Phari endosymbionts. However, why should it be just one type of endosymbiont or the other?

If both a Phari ensosymbiont and a pek endosymbiont can exist together inside a person, then we can imagine interesting interactions between these two types of endosymbiont. If Earthlings have been genetically adapted to match their pek endosymbionts, then the Phari would have to work long and hard to alter the gene combinations of humans who live in Alastor Cluster in an attempt to allow Phari endosymbionts to functionally displace pek endosymbionts.

cover art by Edward Palfrey
How does Glisten discover the existence of Phari endosymbionts? Glisten was sent to planet Marune as part of Jantiff's cover story: he is pretending to be a scholar and an instructor at the University in Port Mar.

Glisten is one of the "witches" of Wyst. I imagine that they have no need to talk because they have Phari endosymbionts that provide them with a form of technology-assisted telepathy.

cover art by Stephen Fabian
I imagine that the Rhunes long ago became hosts for Phari endosymbionts. What if Efraim's "first dose" of Fwai-chi shag "disconnected" him from his Phari endosymbiont, causing disruption of his memories?

Later, when the "second Fwai-chi drug" given to Efraim, I imagine that it might have "connected him up" to his pek endosymbiont, allowing him access to a "recording" of memories that exists in the Sedronic Domain.

"The Potters of Firsk" by Stephen Fabian
The basic idea is that the Phari, while trying to attain their goal linking human brains to a "hierion tube", have also solved the problem of how to provide Earthlings with a functional Bimanoid Interface. Phari endosymbionts can be used as "adapters" that give human brains the ability to use the Bimanoid Interface.

About that Amazing cover art for Marune (shown above)... Just to help wash that mage out of your visual cortex, here (image to the right) is "The Potters of Firsk".

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