Jan 9, 2016

Slabar Velche

The Triskelion planetary system.
When Glinnes and Duissane traveled from their home world, Trullion, to Numenes, the Capitol planet of Alastor Cluster, their space cruiser made stops on Layerna and Dreavero. I'm now planning the itinerary for their voyage from Numenes to Yrinna. In Trullion, Jack Vance mentioned the planet Triskelion.

On Numenes, Glinnes visits the University of Lavaido and spends time with the chair of the Department of Cryptesthesiology, Dr. Sedre Lamre. The replicoid of Isaac Asimov has taken over the body of Dr. Lamre.

Lamre/Asimov has spent the entire adult lifetime of Sedre investigating ability of some residents of Alastor Cluster to make use of the Bimanoid Interface. Dr. Lamre was born into the Idite clan and her brain structure was shaped by the presence of a Phari endosymbiont. However, Sedre could not control the Bimanoid Interface and came close to suffering a catastrophic cognitive breakdown. As an emergency measure, the Phari endosymbiont was swapped out of Sedre and replaced by a copy of Asimov's endosymbiont. This transformation was accomplished by the pek.

Lamre/Asimov has the challenge of trying to explain the Bimanoid Interface and the Hierion Domain to Glinnes. Glinnes is skeptical about the existence of the Hierion Domain and the ability of some people to receive information from it until Sedre demonstrates her ability to tell him details about his life, details that only Glinnes should know.

Dr. Lamre explains to Glinnes the unusual geography of Yrinna and the fact that many planets of Alastor Cluster show evidence of geological engineering. They discuss Marune and Numenes as two examples of worlds with artificially shaped planetary crusts. Again, Glinnes is skeptical about the possibility of planetary engineering, but Sedre enigmatically suggests that he will have a chance to observe a classic example of planetary engineering while traveling to Yrinna.

On their trip to Yrinna, Glinnes and Duissane get to witness the Triskelion planetary system, a set of three planets that are locked in an artificial orbital configuration. Triskelion A is the inhabited planet of the system. Triskelion A is the most technologically advanced planet of Alastor Cluster. The Chezy Corporation of Triskelion A has long mined rare elements from Triskelion B by sending a stream of hierions into the core of Triskelion B.

At Triskelion, Glinnes and Duissane are joined by the replicoid of Vance who has been investigating the Chezy Corporation and the source of its hierion synthesis technology.

The replicoids of Clarke, Vance and Asimov do not know which residents of Yrinna have dealings with space pirates, but they suggest to Glinnes the possibility that the sponsor of the Nilshira hussade club is the retired starmenter, Slabar Velche.

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