Nov 22, 2016

Teleportation Network

A teleportation portal inside an orbital space station.
teleportation portal
Teleportation is one of the advanced travel methods available to the pek and the bumpha. Back in 2013, I had a blog post that described how teleportation has been used for travel within our galaxy.

In the film Contact, viewers get to go along on a ride from Earth to the center of the galaxy by means of travel through a set of linked wormholes.
Travel across the galaxy through a network of wormholes.
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Book cover art: "The Gohrlay Clones" by Ivory Fersoni
teleporting Gohrlay clones.
For many years I failed to extend that idea of a network of wormholes to the question of how teleportation can be used to move vast distances in our galaxy.

For the Exode saga, rapid transit through the galaxy is accomplished by a system of linked teleportation terminals that were constructed using advanced technology that is available to the bumpha. I only became aware of the importance of networked teleportation terminals in our galaxy when Yōd casually mentioned that she had recently arrived on Earth after having "ridden the network".

A teleportation station near the Solar System.
Teleported traffic going to and from Earth stops at a teleportation station in deep space, about 100 astronomical units from the Sun.

There are practical limits to the distance over which teleportation can take place. Sedronic matter can be teleported over the greatest distances, as was done back in September for the zeptite endosymbionts of Yōd, Zeta and the Editor.

Book cover: "The Phasi Intervention" by Ivory Fersoni
linking Earth into the telporter net
With the availability of teleportation technology, the question arises: why are there still spacecraft like Many Sails hauling folks through space? According to Yōd, there are several answers to that question. First, only sedronic matter can be teleported across the vast, low-matter-density distances that separate galaxies. Creatures who are composed of hadrons and hierions are forced to travel between galaxies by means of spacecraft.

Second, upon arriving in a new galaxy, the Huaoshy (or, it is better to say, the pek and the bumpha) are only able to travel through the galaxy by spaceship. It is only after creating a network of teleportation terminals within a galaxy that it become possible to accomplish interstellar travel via teleportation.

Through the network
Third, on some occasions space travel via spaceship might still be preferred, even when a teleportation network is available. For example, sometimes a delay is needed when a passenger needs to be educated before reaching a new planet.

Also, sometimes it is important to keep a spaceship passenger ignorant about the existence of teleportation.

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