Apr 13, 2016

The Femtobot Hack

How to change the world: introduce no-till tobacco farming
One year ago, I took stock of progress on my investigation into the secret history of Earth. This blog post is the first in a series of updates on important discoveries arising from continued investigations during the past year.

Gohrlay confirmed that exposure of human populations to nicotine has long been used by Interventionists to modulate the rate of technological advance. In the Ekcolir Reality, Cornelisza Mey learned no-till tobacco farming and leaf curing from the residents of an Andaste village located on the east bank of what we know as the Potomac river.

In the Ekcolir Reality, five economic zones
were merged (1686) to form Beverwijck en Nicotiana.
Sustainable tobacco farming on hilly terrain allowed for significantly greater production of tobacco and lower prices, resulting in greater use of nicotine in the Ekcolir Reality. Cornelisza Mey (daughter of Cornelius Mey) became one of the legendary founders of Beverwijck en Nicotiana.

Cholinergic Connection
According to Gohrlay, the Bimanoid Interface is the physical interface between a person's brain cells and that person's zeptite endosymbiont.

The pek zeptites inside our brains normally function to prevent humans from using tools. However, Sedronite Interventionists long ago provided we humans with a femtobot endosymbiont that was designed to allow a technologically advanced civilization to arise on Earth.

The physical connection between our brain cells and our femtobot endosymbiont includes a very important population of cholinergic neurons. Nicotine can modulate the activity of those neurons and alter the "balance of power" between the zeptite and femtobot components in our brains.

original cover art by Lawrence Stevens
That "balance of power" was originally skewed when positronic robots took control over Earth. Without continual monitoring by the pek, the femtobots inside the humans on Earth (Gohrlay explicitly describes those femtobots as being a well-crafted hack: the best that the Interventionists had ever devised and deployed on Garden Worlds) eventually subverted the zeptite endosymbionts, allowing a technological society to develop on Earth.

tryp'At Overseers
Later, R. Gohrlay devised a means (inertial amplifier) to impose a powerful momentum of Time on Earth and particularly, on the human population. This forced the Huaoshy to accept the rise of tool-using humans on Earth, a deviation from their Ethical Rules that they deemed acceptable because of the Sedron Monopoly they attained by ending the Time War.

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