Jan 28, 2017

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Annoying links to Google+ automatically generated in Blogger.
Heading into the end of 2016, I kept getting warnings that the "new Google+" was going to be forced upon me. I've never asked for the old Google+, but I was forced to start dealing with it when Google took over and destroyed Picasa.

As of today, I'm stuck with the "new Google+" which lacks the old features that used to allow for managing photo archives. Now all the photo management of my Google+ photo archives must be done through Google Photos.

Gallery of Book and Magazine Covers
Picasa used to be user friendly and it provided convenient ways to control who could access your photos and the text that you wanted to associate with an image. Google has destroyed all of the user friendliness and replaced it with meaningless icons and bugs. I have two Google+ accounts, one linked to my Gmail and one linked to my YouTube account.

When Google devoured YouTube, it failed to make a smooth transition and somehow I ended up with two different Google+ accounts and two different Google Photos accounts. My main Google Photos account has some kind of bug: it never stops "loading". My best guess is they intentionally don't make their website compatible with my browser.

album of posters (image credits)
When Google started in on their forced transition to Google Photos and the "new Google+", they broke one of my favorite features of Blogger. For years, Blogger automatically archived all photos that I uploaded and gave me easy access to them on those occasions when I wanted to re-use an image in another blog post. Now that I'm using the "new Google+" that feature seems to be working again.

Back in 2013 I started keeping two Google+ "albums" with images that I had made for this blog. One was for book and magazine covers and the other was for posters.

Next: the Asimov Reality
Images from my Blogger blogs; there are now five "wiki fiction" subfolders.
The oldest wikifiction images
Blogger has been archiving my blog post images since 2009. The images for this blog (wikifiction) are now spread out over five different albums. It appears that the earliest album was closed after about 4 years (April 2009 - March 2013) and it has 901 images.

March 2013 - Sept. 2014 images
Since March of 2013, a new wikifiction image archive has been created each time I reach 1900 images in the current active archive. It took 18 months to put 1907 images into the second album.

Sept. 2014 - Dec. 2015 images
The third wikifiction image album was filled up by Dec. 2015 (1902 images in 15 months).

When I started blogging I usually had one image in each blog post. Now I tend to have many images in each post.

Dec. 2015 - Jan. 2017 images
The fourth wikifiction image album was filled up by Jan. 2017 (1912 images in 13 months).

current wikifiction image album
Now, here at the end of Jan. 2017 the fifth wikifiction image archive is the active one.

One source of amusement are the Google photo archive "assistants". Shown below are results from the Google artificial intelligence at work, trying to identify places shown in my photos.

50 recent covers
Also visible in the screenshot below is the endlessly spinning blue circle: the Google Photos web pages NEVER finish loading.

I also have another way to view the image archives, sets of "animated" views of the covers. These animated gif images are limited to a maximum of 50 images.
The Google "Places Assistant" at work.

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