Jan 16, 2017

Strange Discovery

Reconstruction by Zeta; from
the Ekcolir Reality. Original cover art
by Henry Van Dongen and Robert Sherry.
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In the Ekcolir Reality, "the" analogue of Jack Vance was actually born as twins. The "two Vances" of that Reality grew up collaborating with each other and they went on to collaborate with many other science fiction writers.

Zeta has been passing along to me reports from her replicoid. A major challenge in reconstructing the lives of the "two Vances" arises from the fact that one Vance of the Ekcolir Reality was very secretive and used many different pen names. Even worse, Zeta believes that the story archives of the Writers Block have been "damaged". According to Zeta, there was once a useful index for the story archives of the Writers Block, but that vital resource was removed from the Hierion Domain.

The Dead Widowers have been working to re-create an index (from here on, I'll follow Zeta's lead and refer to it as the ERI) of all the science fiction stories that were written in the Ekcolir Reality with help from the Writers Block.

Mysterious Helpers
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Anney Fersoni and her sister Angela were able to assemble a foundation for the ERI because Angela learned how to access some of the information resources of the Sedronic Domain. As far as I can tell, within the Sedronic Domain there are "copies" of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that ever existed in both the Hadronic and the Hierion Domains. The only problem for humans is that the human brain was never equipped to function "in" the Sedronic Domain.

There are hints from Anney that Angela's mind was only able to handle a limited amount of contact with the Sedronic Domain. After a few years of snooping through the vast information stores of the Sedronic Domain, Angela had to go into retirement before ruining her brain. However, with clues provided by Angela, Anney was able to begin the daunting task of reconstructing the work of the Writers Block. According to Zeta, that work has always been very labor intensive and her replicoid has been working with Anney to slowly move the ERI project along.

Vance 2016
According to Zeta, about a week ago Anney began discovering "new" entries in the ERI that she had no memory of. Neither Anney or the Zeta replicoid could figure out where those mysterious descriptions of events in the Ekcolir Reality were coming from. Anney set a "trap" and was able to "see" one such new ERI entry suddenly appear in the database.

Zeta's replicoid described these strange appearances of new files in the database at the Writers Block to Nivsaham who then immediately investigated and discovered that the Writers Block is now "haunted" by two nanoscopic femtobots. One of these is a replicoid of Jack Vance who has been providing accounts of stories that were written by the "two Vances" in the Ekcolir Reality. According to Zeta, there is also an Asimov femtobot now at work "inside"the ERI of the Writers Block.

Nivsaham has been able to provide a low bandwidth communications link between these Asimov and Vance femtobots and Anney. The Asimov femtobot claims to have been responsible for establishing the Writers Block as part of the Reality Change that brought the Ekcolir Reality into existence.

Strange Death
The purpose of the Writers Block was to prepare Earthlings of the Ekcolir Reality for First Contact with the Fru'wu. The Asimov replicoid who was running the Writers Block had been told that the Fru'wu would be able to share some hierion-based technologies with Humanity. The Asimov replicoid was instructed to share his knowledge of hierions with his collaborators working in the Writers Block.

hierions and sedrons
Strangely, the Asimov replicoid who was running the Writers Block actually knew more about sedrons than hierions. Sedron-powered faster-than-light spacecraft technology had been provided to Earthlings in the Asimov Reality. According to Zeta, in the far future of the Asimov Reality, human scientists did eventually begin to develop some basic understanding of hierions.

One discovery of human scientists in the Asimov Reality was that hierions could be used to provide primitive type of interstellar spaceship drive. Unfortunately, hierion-powered spacecraft could not exceed the speed of light. Apparently, due to insurmountable problems arising from the movement of physical objects through the Hadronic Domain, it is not practical and safe for humans to travel in hierion-drive spaceships at a rate greater than about half the speed of light.

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Further, there are limits on the amount of acceleration that the human body can withstand, even when hierion-based medical nanites are available. Hierions can be used for sophisticated nanotechnology. One application of hierion-based medical nanites in the Asimov Reality was a type of suspended animation. Thus, it is possible to travel between the stars at about half the speed of light and such space travelers can "sleep" during the voyage.

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According to Zeta, a story called "Strange Death" was published in the Ekcolir Reality by Jackie Vance. In that story, there was a fairly detailed account of how nanites can be used to make make interstellar space travel possible. The plot of "Strange Death" centered on how alien visitors to Earth taught a human scientist how to achieve a state of suspended animation in humans by making use of femtobot technology.

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